Madou Monogatari: Mano and the Mysterious Hat

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Madou Monogatari: Mano and the Mysterious Hat
Mano Cover.png
The cover for Madou Monogatari: Mano and the Mysterious Hat included in Disc Station RE 01
PublisherD4 Enterprises
Release dateFebruary 14, 2007

Madou Monogatari ~Mano and the Mysterious Hat~ (魔導物語〜マノと不思議の帽子〜 Madō Monogatari ~ Mano to Fushigi no Bōshi) is a webcomic by D4 Enterprises that ran from February 14, 2007 to October 3, 2014. It was illustrated by Ichi and written by KEROL, the scenario writer for the Game Gear versions of Madou Monogatari 3 and Madou Monogatari A.[1]


The story follows 3 fledgling magicians: Mano, Chikako, and Kaede in the town of Lucreria (ルクレリア Rukureria) and their encounter with a mysterious talking hat known as Meeru. Meeru tells the girls that it hails from Rockmeyer Kingdom (ロックマイヤー王国) across the sea and that the kingdom was attacked by the mage Gaddis Na Gan, who transformed members of the royal family into various forms. The three magicians set off on a journey to put a stop to Gaddis' plans.

Despite being based on Madou Monogatari, there are no returning characters from the original games and no returning settings.


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Character descriptions are incomplete.

  • Mano (マノ) - The titular character and a young fire magician apprentice. She loves sweets, especially cake, and has a weak spot for boys with glasses.
  • Chikako (チカコ) - A young water magician apprentice. She is a usually calm girl while wearing her glasses, but becomes violent when she takes them off.
  • Kaede (カエデ) - A young wind mage apprentice. She has cat ears and a tail and can befriend almost any animal.
  • Meeru (メール) - The titular mysterious hat. A priest from a kingdom across the sea who was transformed into a hat by Gaddis' magic.
  • Alba (アルバ) - An immortal swordsman who wields Toros.
  • Gaddis Na Gan (ガディス・ナ・ガン) - An evil mage who attacked the Rockmeyer Kingdom.
  • ヴァリス・ゲー - Valis Ge
  • モノス・ゲー - Monos Ge
  • マジス・ゲー - Magis Ge
  • トロス - The sword that Alba wields. Like Meeru, he was also a priest from the kingdom across the sea before he was cursed by Gaddis.
  • Mephisto (メフィスト)


Madou Monogatari: Mano and the Mysterious Hat was released via the Compile Station on the Amusement Center, a section of D4 Enterprise's site where past Compile works could be downloaded. It had no title and was called the Madou Monogatari Webcomic until the release of Disc Station RE 01, where it was given its current title on August 19, 2015. The final episode was distributed in PDF format in this release but was not made available online.[1]

A special compilation version of all the pages was included in the release of Madou Monogatari: The Super Ultimate Complete Collection (with Puyo Puyo) (魔導物語 超きゅ〜きょく大全 ぷよぷよ入り) which was released April 7, 2023.



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