Amitie and the Girl of Love

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Amitie and the Girl of Love
Amitie and the Girl of Love.jpg
Amitie and the Girl of Love cover
WriterUtako Yoshino
IllustratorKome Ichigo
Release dateJapan June 15, 2017
ISBN‎ 978-4046316851

Amitie and the Girl of Love?! (アミティと愛の少女!? Amitī to Ai no Shōjō?!) is a novel based on the Puyo Puyo series written by Utako Yoshino with illustrations by Kome Ichigo. The story revolves around Amitie, Ringo, and Arle's encounter with a girl from another dimension and the mysterious beast Ouroboros.


A girl has come falling through a mysterious pair of gates that suddenly appeared in the sky! Her name is Ally, she calls Amitie “The Great Hero”, and apparently she’s from a different dimension. Everyone is doing all they can to bring Ally back to her own world, but unfortunately Ally herself has been struck by a nasty bout of amnesia and can’t remember anything except that “Love” is needed. Amitie, Arle and Ringo band together with Ally to help her on her “Quest for Love”... But just where can that love be found?

—Official synopsis[1]



An illustration of Ouroboros from the novel.
  • The Ouroboros featured in this book is a two-headed serpent and is rather different from the traditional Ouroboros, which is a single-headed serpent devouring its own tail. It bears more resemblance to the Ouroboros in The Neverending Story by Michael Ende, to the point that the serpents even have similar coloration.
    • Utako Yoshino, the author of the Sega Puyo Puyo novels, is an avid fan of Ende and even mentioned on her personal blog that she named her pet dog after him.



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