Puyo Puyo Drama CD Volume 4

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Puyo Puyo Drama CD Volume 4
Volume 4 Cover
WriterUtako Yoshino
CastMie Sonozaki (Arle, Klug, Possessed Klug)

Shiho Kikuchi (Amitie, Narration) Yuriko Fuchizaki (Sig)
Noriko Namiki (Raffina, Lidelle, Onion Pixie)
Tamaki Nakanishi (Carbuncle, Yu & Rei)
Masakazu Morita (Schezo)
Kanako Kondou (Rulue)
Chikara Ousaka (Satan)
Kaoru Sakura (Witch)
Kaori Nazuka (Draco)
Hisayoshi Suganuma (Suketoudara, Narration)

Miwa Kouzuki (Accord & Popoi, Narration)

Puyo Puyo Drama CD Volume 4 is the fourth volume of a series of audio drama CDs produced by SEGA and written by Utako Yoshino.


Track Title
Japanese English
01 怪盗二十四面相、現る The Phantom Thief With 24 Faces Appears!
02 3人のシンデレラ The Three Cinderellas
03 連鎖戦隊ぷよレンジャー Chaining Squadron Puyo Rangers
04 闇の魔導師シェゾ The Dark Mage Schezo
05 おまけ収録後の風景 Bonus Behind the Scenes

Track Synopses

The Phantom Thief With 24 Faces Appears!
The Three Cinderellas
Chaining Squadron Puyo Rangers
An imagined alternate universe where Amitie, Raffina, Sig, and Lidelle are the protectors of Primp City: the Puyo Rangers. It opens with Amitie's introduction as Puyo Red, followed by Sig who quickly throws their heroic introduction into disarray by transforming into a stag beetle costume rather than his ranger outfit. While attempting to introduce the next member of the Puyo Rangers, Puyo Yellow, Raffina claims herself as Magical Girl Miracle Raffina, who pulverizes any evildoers with her physical strength. Lidelle fills the role as the last Puyo Ranger, Puyo Green. Though she transforms correctly, her outfit is red rather than green, as she wanted to match with Amitie.
Lidelle says she wants to ask evildoers to simply stop doing bad things, though Amitie explains that since their rangers, they'll have to fight even just a bit. Raffina asks how much money they'd get for fighting evildoers, though Amitie quickly cuts in that money isn't a factor as they're fighting for the sake of justice and not money. The rangers get an alert on their Nuisance Puyo radar that one has appeared in the city, and they set out.
In the city, the Nuisance Puyo Emperor is revealed to be Possessed Klug, who plans to take over Primp City. Though it's quickly distracted by the amount of litter on the ground and begins to clean up the street. It decides that this should only take a moment and after this it'll go to the library and read some books.
The Dark Mage Schezo
Schezo is distraught over Witch attacking Onion Pixie for an ingredient, Witch merely laughs it off and says that Schezo's grown soft in recent times. She mocks him before going about her day as usual, leaving Schezo to wonder if he really has lost his touch. He convinces himself that he's still as strong as ever, but the peaceful atmosphere of Primp Town has probably influenced him in some ways.
Bonus Behind the Scenes