Puyo Puyo 25th Anniversary Drama CD

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Puyo Puyo 25th Anniversary Drama CD
Puyo Chronicle Soundtrack.png
Puyo Puyo 25th Anniversary Cover
CastHonoka Inoue (Ally)

Mie Sonozaki (Arle, Klug, Possessed Klug)
Tamaki Nakanishi (Carbuncle, Yu & Rei)
Shiho Kikuchi (Amitie)
Asami Imai (Ringo)

Miwa Kouzuki (Narration)
Release dateJapan December 24, 2016

Puyo Puyo 25th Anniversary Drama CD is one of three CDs released along with Puyo Puyo Chronicle to celebrate the franchise's 25th anniversary. This CD contains four drama tracks as well as bonus voices based on the performances in Puyo Puyo Chronicle. The other CDs sold with it were the game's soundtrack and remixed character vocal tracks.


Track Title
Japanese English
01. アリィとあこがれの勇者様 Ally and Her Hero
02. 愛ってなんだろう Just What is Love?
03. お宝のありか Where the Treasure Lies
04. ドキドキ! ホラーナイト Heart-throbbing! Horror Night
05–28. おまけボイス Bonus Voices

Track Synopses

Ally and Her Hero
Ally becomes briefly separated from Arle and is left alone with Carbuncle. As she can't understand Carbuncle's words, she decides to stay and discuss her own feelings about Arle with Carbuncle. She wonders how Carbuncle and Arle get along so perfectly, mentioning that she's rather jealous of their relationship. She hopes that one day she can be as close to Arle as Carbuncle is.
Just What is Love?
Amitie asks Ally what her catchphrase, "Let's fall in love!" means and how Ally can say it so openly. They talk about what Ally loves, which is everything, and how she can love everything. Ringo points out that if Ally really loves everything, wouldn't everything become boring? This makes Ally worry that the fact that she loves everything is unusual, but Amitie reassures her that it isn't strange at all.
Where the Treasure Lies
Ally, Arle, Amitie, and Ringo go treasure hunting.
Heart-throbbing! Horror Night
While walking at night, Ally, Ringo, and Amitie take a wrong path somewhere and end up in a spooky area. They come across a lake and then encounter Klug who's on his way to unseal an evil beast he read about. When he goes on ahead, he ends up falling into the previously mentioned lake, causing the girls to panic until Yu & Rei appear and give them a surprise quiz about what they dropped. Possessed Klug then appears from the lake, after asking the girls why its book is wet, the girls discuss amongst themselves if this is actually Klug, but Amitie isn't really sure. Possessed Klug takes its leave to unseal the rumored beast, and the girls follow behind.
They attempt to interfere with the unsealing since they're worried that the beast is actually dangerous, but are too late to stop Possessed Klug from unsealing it. All of them discover that the rumored beast was a mere puppy and Possessed Klug explains that it has no need to keep the dog around. It merely wanted to perform the unsealing since it understands being sealed for so long is rather boring. Possessed Klug takes its leave once more, saying that it's going home. Afterwards, Klug wakes up outside somewhere the next morning, baffled at why there's a puppy with him and why he can't remember anything from the night before.
Bonus Voices
The bonus voices in this CD include a brief introduction by the character and the lines for their voiced battle quotes such as spells and win quotes.
Track Character
05 Arle
06 Carbuncle
07 Ally
08 Amitie
09 Raffina
10 Sig
11 Ringo
12 Maguro
13 Risukuma
14 Klug
15 Lidelle
16 Yu & Rei
17 Feli
18 Lemres
19 Ocean Prince
20 Accord & Popoi
21 Rulue
22 Schezo
23 Suketoudara
24 Witch
25 Draco Centauros
26 Ecolo
27 Satan
28 Rafisol