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Compile Club
The cover of the first Compile Club issue.
First releaseJapan November 1986
Last releaseJapan November 25, 2003

Compile Club (コンパイルクラブ) was a bimonthly subscription magazine published by Compile which ran from 1986 to 2002.[1] Following Compile's bankruptcy, Aiky resumed publishing of the magazine, now renamed to COM Club, starting with Volume 105 in May 2003. Only four issues were published before it was announced that Volume 109 would be postponed, however, it was never released.[1]


The magazine was preceded by Compile News (コンパイルニュース), a flyer that was bundled with purchases of their MSX software and sold at some game stores. Compile News was published until January 1988, with the final issue, issue 17.[1]

Compile Club had two versions, the general version that could be found in game stores and the Underground Edition that was available to paid subscribers.[2]

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