Puyo Puyo Drama CD Volume 1

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Puyo Puyo Drama CD Volume 1
Audio Drama Volume 1.jpg
Volume 1 Cover
WriterUtako Yoshino
CastMie Sonozaki (Arle)

Tamaki Nakanishi (Carbuncle)
Masakazu Morita (Schezo)
Kanako Kondou (Rulue)
Chikara Ousaka (Satan)
Kaoru Sakura (Witch)
Kaori Nazuka (Draco)
Hisayoshi Suganuma (Suketoudara)

Yuki Ishikari (Narration)
Release dateJapan September 13, 2012

Puyo Puyo Drama CD Volume 1 is the first volume of a series of audio drama CDs produced by SEGA and written by Utako Yoshino. It features the characters Arle, Schezo, Rulue, Satan, Witch, Draco, and Suketoudara.


Track Title
Japanese English
01 地下遺跡の「願いの魔人」 The Underground Ruin's Wish Genie
02 ぷよぷよ童話「桃太郎」 Puyo Puyo Fairytale "Momotaro"
03 ドラコの見た夢 Draco's Dream Vision
04 月夜の小さな大事件 A Bit of a Big Deal on a Moonlit Night
05 おまけボイス Bonus Voices

Track Synopses

The Underground Ruin's Wish Genie
Puyo Puyo Fairytale "Momotaro"
Draco's Dream Vision
A Bit of a Big Deal on a Moonlit Night

The track began as Arle and Carbuncle met a faerie who called himself 'Puck' when they were appreciating the full-moon, which as Witch stated in the track intro, had an effect of amplifying magic powers. Puck asked Arle whether she was willing to dance, and upon receiving Arle's negative response, he became upset, cast a spell of forgetfulness at Arle, and left. Arle was left shocked for a moment and then realized that she had promised Witch to a Puyo battle that night — instead of the little incident just earlier. The battle was cut short from Arle failing to remember which spell she was supposed to cast. Witch became concerned about Arle and offered to help, but Arle declined and left the scene for some alone time with Carbuncle when Schezo came, only to witness Arle struggling to remember him and gradually losing her power. As Arle and Carbuncle left once again, they overheard Puck discovering that he is now absorbing more of Arle's power than he had expected, but she decided that it was an illusion and moved on despite Carbuncle's attempts at notifying her. Just after Arle reaching home, Rulue and Satan went to Arle's house for a visit, and witnessed Arle's condition as well. After Arle remembering Satan through her efforts, she attempted to cast a spell at him in order to expel him from her house only to falter once more. As Rulue and Satan left, Schezo came into the scene, and the three, right at Arle's door, discussed about further actions to take before Arle would forget everything, while unknowingly having their conversation overheard by Arle. With some more alone time for Arle and Carbuncle, Satan and Schezo returned to the scene having a chat with Arle and conveying their feelings, and Arle ultimately decided to go to Witch's house only to have too much memory lost for her to recognize who Satan and Schezo even were just after that, causing panic for the two. Meanwhile, Rulue was already at Witch's location as Witch was looking through a book for relevant information, Rulue became impatient and began urging Witch, annoying the latter. Witch then talked to Rulue, giving remarks on how Rulue seems actually worried about Arle's well-being, which Rulue tries to explain by wanting to defeat Arle 'fair and equal.' In the end, Witch found out about Puck, and Rulue ran off for Satan right after learning about how Puck might be relevant before Witch could have explained further. Some time after that, just as Puck was still panicked about potential outcomes of drawing that much power from Arle, the gang went rushing into the forest with Arle and discovered him. Seeing this and without an idea of whatever was going on, Arle assumed that Rulue, Schezo and Satan were about to bully Puck — a 'defenseless child.' Just as the three were about to unleash their powers at Puck, Arle asked them to stop, not hurt someone for her sake, and tried to convince the rest of the gang that she might had not lost her feelings toward them — that she felt warm as if she really loved the people from the bottom of her heart, and that they can just form new memories together in place of that. Before the three could respond properly, Witch witnessed some clouds covering up the full-moon. Without the full moon, Puck's magic went out and Arle's memories were recovered. Arle then realized that the same faerie who had taken her memories away is now just before her eyes, and Puck pleaded for some more before promptly removing himself from the scene. At the end of the track, Witch mentioned Arle's statement during when she was amnesiac that she "really loved" the gang, and teased Arle by asking if that was a 'confession' of her 'true feelings,' immediately making Arle shriek in horror that she wanted Witch to shut up.

Bonus Voices