Puyo Puyo Drama CD Volume 3

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Puyo Puyo Drama CD Volume 3
Audio Drama Volume 3.jpg
Volume 3 Cover
WriterUtako Yoshino
CastAsami Imai (Ringo)

Yuki Ishikari (Maguro)
Kenichi Ono (Risukuma)
Akira Ishida (Ecolo)
Mie Sonozaki (Arle)
Tamaki Nakanishi (Carbuncle)
Shiho Kikuchi (Amitie)

Kaoru Sakura (Witch)

Puyo Puyo Drama CD Volume 3 is the third volume of a series of audio drama CDs produced by SEGA and written by Utako Yoshino.


Track Title
Japanese English
01 出動!物理部探偵団 Onwards! Physics Club Detectives
02 まぐろの放課後 Maguro's After School
03 ぷよぷよ童話シリーズ その3 「赤ずきん りんご」 Puyo Puyo Fairytale Series Part 3, "Little Red Riding Hood Ringo"
04 時空を超えたバレンタインデー The Valentine's Day That Overcame Space-Time
05 プリンプでの日常 An Ordinary Day in Primp
06 ぷよぷよのおもいで そして これから Memories of Puyo Puyo and What's to Come
07 ~おまけボイス Bonus Voices

Track Synopses

Onwards! Physics Club Detectives
Somebody stole Risukuma's snack while he briefly left the club room. He is sure it was stolen, even though Ringo suggests in all seriousness, it might've just "grown legs and run of" like "a certain type of fish". To calm him down, Maguro and Ringo agree to help him find the culprit and punish them. Ringo states that she "coincidentally" brought some rope to tie up the criminal with with her. Maguro wonders out loud why she even has that thing. Risukuma loudly declares that the Physics-Club Detectives are now in action.
Maguro's After School
Ringo is out in the schoolyard. Her class' light music club's vocalist, a boy called "Mameo" runs up to her, calling her "Ando-san" and asks her if she knows what Sasaki is up to. Ringo says she hasn't seen Maguro, which makes him uneasy, since he needs Maguro to be their drummer at the club's next concert. He runs off to look for Maguro. Next, a girl named Sugitako from the tea ceremony club runs up to Ringo and asks her if she's seen Maguro as she wanted to invite him to today's ceremony. Ringo repeats she hasn't seen Maguro and Sugitako leaves disappointed. Next, a husky-voiced boy called Sukemaru from the sumo team comes up to her, and asks for Maguro, because the sumo team needs him to compete for them as their reserve-wrestler in their next tournament. Again, Ringo says she hasn't seen him, Sukemaru leaves. After those three encounters, Ringo thinks to herself "Seriously, though... Maguro is kinda-". That's when Maguro shows up and says "I'm kinda... what?☆" She tells him that the light music club, the tea ceremony club and the sumo team were looking for him, which doesn't surprise him at all, and then remarks out loud to herself about how Maguro has an unreasonable amount of talents and skills. Maguro replies that he just tends get way too into every new hobby he tries and that that's really all there is to it.
Puyo Puyo Fairytale Series Part 3, "Little Red Riding Hood Ringo"
Looking for a pharmacy book she owns, Witch accidentally finds an old storybook she used to read as a kid. She starts reading it.
The Valentine's Day That Overcame Space-Time
Ringo is in the physics lab and gives something to Risukuma that she calls "Chocolate, I guess, probably". Risukuma notices that it is handmade, and Ringo explains how she tried to make it extra fancy, putting walnuts in for the squirrel-part of Ris and honey for the bear-part, which seems to please Risukuma. Maguro shows up and seems mortified by how much effort she put into Risukuma's chocolate, when she hasn't given Maguro anything. Ringo briefly pretends she forgot about Maguro's chocolate and then gives him his share. She recounts that last year she gave him plain but protein-enriched chocolate, then gave him a fountain of melted chocolate for fondue the year before, so this year she went for a whole chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Maguro thanks her and she boasts that it's her "pride and joy", Maguro states that it's perfectly baked and looks delicious, seeing this is where Ringo's feminine charms come out.
Ringo's confidence doesn't last long, however, as she quickly and loudly reminds herself, that even though she tries to outdo herself every year with her chocolate gifts, one month later, on White Day, Maguro will always, without fail, show her up with something at least 3-times as impressive, which always makes her want to be even more extravagant the next year. As a result, Ringo's and Maguro's chocolate-making endeavors have continued to escalate. Risukuma tells Maguro that maybe he should tone it down and stop hurting Ringo's pride, but he tells them he can't stop himself. Ringo says she doesn't mind, since she finds treating Valentine's day as a competition kind of fun, to hi horror.
While they're at it, Risukuma asks Ringo why she put up an altar in the physics lab and filled it with chocolate, and Maguro remarks that he noticed Ringo seemed pretty hard at work with something lately. Ringo admits she was looking for a way to transport chocolate through spacetime, and her grandmother suggested that she place it altar as an offering to the gods, so she tried that. Maguro and Risukuma don't really get why she would do that, and Ringo doesn't think she could explain without sounding silly and tells them to not worry about it. After the club ends the session for the day, Ringo mumbles to herself that this is never going to get the chocolate to Ecolo and she was being silly for even trying. She's about to take down the altar, when Ecolo shows up, realizes the chocolate is for him, cheerfully accepts the gift, and surprises Ringo.
Ringo gives him a brief lecture, saying that she was worried about him when he disappeared after causing so much chaos. Ecolo, however, is more interested in the fact that Ringo somehow remembers him despite his existence defying the laws of spacetime. Ringo explains that she simply doesn't forget her friends, which flusters Ecolo, as despite existing and traveling to many different places, no one has ever remembered him or called him a friend before Ringo. Ecolo explains that while he doesn't completely understand his existence either, he's never been remembered since he defies the laws of spacetime, and as a result, people who can't or don't want to comprehend him simply forget that he exists. Ringo inquires if that sort of existence is lonely, only for Ecolo to say that he's fine since that's always been how it is. Ringo asks how she managed to remember him and Ecolo suggests that it's because Ringo is honest with herself and simply accepted that Ecolo was a being she wouldn't be able to comprehend. After this lengthy discussion, Ecolo unwraps the chocolate present and finds that it was a handmade chocolate made to look like his face. After thanking her for the gift, Ecolo decides to head off but promises to come back another time. Ringo attempts to shake his hand to promise that he'll visit again, but finds her hand phases right through him. Since he doesn't have much substance, Ecolo resolves to find himself a body so that he can shake Ringo's hand. He leaves saying that he might look a little unusual when that day comes.
An Ordinary Day in Primp
Ringo, Maguro and Risukuma, who are still trapped in Amitie's world, have gathered up stuff to have a barbecue together. Ringo got fruit from Nahe Forest, Maguro went fishing, and Risukuma brought firewood. They talk about how they don't really recognize any of the fish and fruit they got together and how Primp Town has a rich ecosystem with everything you need to survive and thrive even without trading with other townships which, combined with the beautiful landscape, makes the town a pleasant spot to stay. Ecolo shows up and remarks how well the three of them are doing, considering that they were just warped here recently. Risukuma and Maguro are terrified of Ecolo popping up out of nowhere, and Ringo gets angry at Ecolo for showing up. Reminding them of their and slaps Ecolo repeatedly. Ecolo doesn't get what he did wrong and is saddened, and so is Ringo as she realizes they still have no way to get home.
Memories of Puyo Puyo and What's to Come
Arle reminisces about how she's been adventuring for as long as she can remember and that she just loves finding new places, things and people. She talks about herself, her adventures in the world she grew up in, Carbuncle and how she ended up in Primp Town, and how no matter how hard or sad things get, she's always looking forward to her next adventure.
Bonus Voices
A collection of extra voice lines. This includes the characters spells and other lines such as good morning messages and goodnight messages.