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Below is a list of Puyo Puyo and Madou Monogatari related novels.

Compile novels

Kadokawa Madou Monogatari series

A series of novels authored by 山本 剛 (Yamamoto Tsuyoshi), published by Kadokawa, and illustrated by Ichi. It has multiple sub-series: Madou Monogatari, New Madou Monogatari, and Super Madou Monogatari. Each sub-series has three volumes that are either retellings or continuations of the stories in the Madou Monogatari series. These novels feature some of Tsuyoshi's original characters such as Lucifer, who is Satan's twin brother and Arle's homeroom teacher, among several others.

Madou Monogatari (Novel series)

The Madou Monogatari (魔導物語 Madō Monogatari) novels are based on Madou Monogatari 123's story.

  1. Madou Monogatari: The Puyo Puyo Demon King's Descent! (魔導物語 ぷよぷよ大魔王の降臨っ! Madō Monogatari Puyo Puyo Dai Maō no Kourin!): Published May 1st, 1994
  2. Madou Monogatari: The Great Deity's Revival! (魔導物語 ぷよぷよ大明神の復活っ! Madō Monogatari Daimyōjin no Fukatsu!): Published April 1st, 1995
  3. Madou Monogatari: The Puyo Puyo Archbishop's Scheme! (魔導物語 ぷよぷよ大司教の陰謀っ! Puyopuyo Ōjikyō no Inbō): Published December 1st, 1995

New Madou Monogatari

The New Madou Monogatari (新・魔導物語 Shin・Madō Monogatari) novels are based on Madou Monogatari: ARS's story.

  1. New Madou Monogatari: Arle and Fairyland (新・魔導物語 アルルとおとぎの国 Shin・Madō Monogatari Aruru to Otogi no Kuni): Published August 1st, 1996
  2. New Madou Monogatari: Rulue and the Days of Love (新・魔導物語 ルルーと愛の日々 Shin・Madō Monogatari Ruru to Ai no Hibi): Published March 1st, 1997
  3. New Madou Monogatari: Schezo and the Flowers of Evil (新・魔導物語 シェゾと悪の華 Shin・Madō Monogatari Schezo to Aku no Hana): Published October 1st, 1997[1]

Super Madou Monogatari

The Super Madou Monogatari (超☆魔導物語 Chō☆Madō Monogatari) novels are based on the story of Waku Waku Puyo Puyo Dungeon'.

  1. Super☆Madou Monogatari: Welcome to Puyo Puyo Dungeon!! (超☆魔導物語 うぇるかむ・とぅ・ぷよぷよダンジョン!! Chō☆Madō Monogatari Uerukamu tou Puyopuyo Danjyon!!): Published April 1st, 1999
  2. Super☆Madou Monogatari: Detection at Puyo Puyo Dungeon!! (超☆魔導物語 でぃてくしょん・あっと・ぷよぷよダンジョン!! Chō☆Madō Monogatari Deitekushon Atto Puyopuyo Danjyon): Published August 1st, 1999
  3. Super☆Madou Monogatari: Battle of Puyo Puyo Dungeon!! (超☆魔導物語 ばとる・おぶ・ぷよぷよダンジョン!! Chō☆Madō Monogatari Batoru obu Puyopuyo Danjyon): Published March 1st, 2000

True Madou Monogatari

The True Madou Monogatari (真・魔導物語 Shin Madō Monogatari) novels are a reimagining of the Madou Monogatari series authored by former Compile employee 織田 健司 (Kenji Oda). This series spans eight volumes and serves as an attempt to tie together most, if not all, of the Madou Monogatari titles into one cohesive timeline. It is most well-known for the chronology presented in the first volume which was later expanded upon and finalized in Madou Monogatari Fanbook: Illustration & Others.

Main article: True Madou Monogatari

True Madou Monogatari

True Madou Monogatari Side Story ― The Golden Hero (真・魔導物語外伝―金色の勇者 Shin・Madō Monogatari Gaiden ― Kiniro no Yūsha) is a side story of the True Madou Monogatari series that tells of how Ragnus defeated Rune Lord and sealed him within the Ruins of Rana.


—Official synopsis

Miscellaneous novels

Madou Monogatari 98

Madou Monogatari '98 ― Fear the Interdimensional Creature (魔導物語’98―次元生命体の恐怖! Madō Monogatari―Jigen Seimeitai no Kyōfu!) is a novel published on August 1st, 1998 and written by Kenji Oda. This novel is a retelling of Madou Monogatari (Saturn).


—Official synopsis

Satan's Grand Popularity Enterprise

Satan's Grand Popularity Enterprise (サタンさまのモテモテ大作戦 Satan-sama no Motemote Dai Sakusen) is a novelization of Puyo Puyo Sun published on March 2nd, 1998. It follows Satan's newest plan to achieve popularity as well as Arle's hand in marriage. It is written by Narumi Takahira and features illustrations by Mifuzuka Tsukasa, who was the primary artist for the game Waku Waku Puyo Puyo Dungeon.

Main article: Satan's Grand Popularity Enterprise

Puyo Puyo Gaiden: Puyo Wars

A novelization of Puyo Puyo Gaiden: Puyo Wars written by Kenji Oda and published on September 1st, 1999.

Main article: Puyo Puyo Gaiden: Puyo Wars

Sega novels

There are five Puyo Puyo novels commissioned by Sega. All are published by Kadokawa Tsubasa Bunko, written by Utako Yoshino, and illustrated by Kome Ichigo. The stories feature original scenarios with Amitie as the narrator and point of view.

Amitie and the Mysterious Egg

Main article: Amitie and the Mysterious Egg

Amitie wanders into a mysterious forest and discovers a lone glowing egg that hatches before her eyes. She takes care of the newborn baby bird and names it "Tama," while searching for its mother.

Everyone's Dreams, Coming True!?

Main article: Everyone's Dreams, Coming True!?

Amitie discovers a small white chest that was dropped by the wayside and is trying to open it so she can find clues to the original owner. What was inside, however, was a mist that manifests dreams into reality.

Sig's Secret

Main article: Sig's Secret

The Primp Magic School is setting up for the annual Primp Festival, and Amitie has been put in charge of the project. However, her ambitions in trying to make the school project a success gets her roped into much greater dangers involving Sig...

Satan's Space Amusement Park

Main article: Satan's Space Amusement Park

Satan and Ecolo invite Arle, Amitie, and Ringo to an amusement park built in deep space to entertain them. However, the trio is not allowed to leave the amusement park grounds until they explore and fill up a stamp card.

Amitie and the Girl of Love

Main article: Amitie and the Girl of Love

Amitie meets Ally, who has ended up as an amnesiac in Primp. To return her to her world, they must band together defeat Ouroboros and discover what "love" is along the way.

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  1. The title appears to be a reference to the French poetry collection Les Fleurs du Mal. View Jisho and Wikipedia for more information.