Puyo Puyoukan

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Puyo Puyoukan in their original packaging.

Puyo Puyoukan (ぷよぷようかん) are a Japanese confection created through a collaboration between Sega, Matsuyama University, and Usuzumi Youkan.


A package retails for 1,296 yen and comes with 4 Puyo yōkan, which are jelly-like sweets that are traditionally made with red bean paste and agar. There are four flavors that come in each package:

  • Red Puyo: Strawberry
  • Green Puyo: Green tea
  • Yellow Puyo: Kawachi Bankan (A type of Japanese citrus fruit)
  • Blue Puyo: Lemon

This was made as a collaboration between Sega and Matsuyama University in Ehime Prefecture, where they research the accessibility of esports to disabled people.


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