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Puyo Puyo On Stage
Cover art of the Puyo Puyo on Stage DVD
CastRisako Ito (伊藤梨沙子) as Arle

Rihona Kato (加藤里保菜) as Amitie
Yui Kawamura (河村唯) as Ringo
Ayana (綾那) as Sig
Aya Kinoshita (木下彩) as Raffina
Marina Tanoue (田上真里奈) as Klug
Julia Kawakami (川上ジュリア) as Accord
Root (ルウト) as Schezo
Mika Kikuchi (菊地美香) as Rulue

Lyra Amato (天翔りいら) as Satan

Puyo Puyo On Stage (ぷよぷよ オンステージ) is a stage production based on the Puyo Puyo series. The production was put on from May 2 through 6, 2015 at Akasaka ACT Theater in celebration of the Puyo Puyo series' 24th anniversary. The gameplay during Puyo Battles was taken from Puyo Puyo Tetris.


Main Story
The play, narrated by the trees, follows the cast in their attempt to acquire the fabled white Puyo which can grant any wish. While hanging out with Amitie and Ringo, Arle is challenged to a Puyo battle by Satan and is promptly defeated. The trio begin to talk about their skills after the battle. Ringo mentions that she has the highest marks in her class, which discourages Amitie as she's reminded that she's still far from achieving her dream of becoming a wonderful magician.
Schezo shows up and attempts to steal Arle's power once more, but as she isn't in the mood, Ringo steps up and battles in her place. Arle begins to cheer up after watching them for a bit, but is distracted when Carbuncle suddenly runs off into the woods.
While chasing after him, Arle stumbles upon the fabled talking white Puyo which can grant the wish of anyone who touches it. She attempts to capture it, but falls into a hole while doing so.
Meanwhile, Schezo, Amitie, and Ringo realize that Arle has gone missing. They end the Puyo match early and find Arle and Carbuncle in the ditch that they fell into earlier. After explaining what happened to her and what she saw, Schezo mentions that the white Puyo should be able to grant any wish, big or small. Amitie excitedly runs off, realizing this could be how she achieves her dream of becoming a wonderful magician, and Ringo leaves shortly after. Schezo and Arle are left behind, though Arle leaves shortly after Schezo attempts to challenge her to a battle once more.
The audience learns that the white Puyo was merely a prank staged by Rulue, who was merely re-enacting the legend to get Arle riled up.
Amitie ends up at the Primp Magic School where she tells Klug about the legendary white Puyo. He thinks it's simply a children's story that Arle and Schezo are making up to trick her, but is convinced to tag along when Amitie mentions that she wants everyone to search for it with her. Not wanting to be left out, he offers to join to supervise the search party. Raffina shows up afterwards and Amitie attempts to persuade her to join as well, but Raffina refuses, as she believes that the only way to achieve one's dreams is through hard work, not through a magic wish. They decide to have a Puyo battle and that if Raffina loses, she'll join Amitie's wishing Puyo search party. Amitie is defeated, and is disappointed that Raffina won't be joining her, but Ms. Accord shows up to end their match early and send the three of them to class.
Meanwhile, Sig is bug-watching, but not having a very successful day. Ringo and Schezo appear and invite Sig to their own white Puyo search party, but he declines their invitation. Despite declining, he asks if they have a plan on how to catch the white Puyo, which reminds Schezo that in the book he read the legend in, the white Puyo leaves a faint scent which humans can't smell. Sig mentions that the Goldshimmer Butterfly would be able to track that sort of faint scent, and manages to acquire one by using a flower he picked. The two follow after the butterfly, and Sig thinks that the search actually sounds sort of fun, and decides to follow them.
During all of this, Satan has been sitting in his home, bored and wondering how to entertain himself and demonstrate his power to the world. He uses a variety of useless magic, and Rulue comes in in an attempt to convince him to take her on a date. She successfully persuades him to take a trip to the beach and leaves to grab her swimsuit. Satan's reminiscing on Puyo Puyo SUN is interrupted when Schezo, Ringo, and Sig barge into his home, following after the Goldshimmer Butterfly who is now fluttering around Satan. Schezo and Ringo conclude that Satan must have already used the white Puyo's wish for himself, and give up on the search, but Sig outright asks about the white Puyo and challenges Satan for it. While Satan has no idea what he's talking about, he agrees to the battle since it would be better than doing nothing. Their battle is cut short when the white Puyo appears once more and Ringo, Schezo, and Sig decide to pursue it. Satan gets dragged into the chase and Amitie and Klug show up, though the chaos is cut short when Rulue returns. She scolds everyone for ruining her date with Satan, but Satan has apparently decided to attempt to acquire the white Puyo for himself and take Arle on a honeymoon.
Rulue is so enraged that her anger causes the rest of the cast to flee, and she is only interrupted when crossing paths with Raffina. Raffina challenges her to a martial arts match to calm down, which puts a stop to her rampage. Raffina mentions that she had been tailing Ringo and Schezo, so she has an idea of what was going on.
With Ringo and Amitie's search parties now combined, Schezo directs Amitie and Ringo to search eastward while he and Sig search westward, Klug retorts that no one has put him in charge, though Schezo replies that he's the only fully-fledged mage in the group. Raffina decides to stop playing along and goes home, though Klug calls her out for merely pretending not to be interested. She snaps at him and turns back one more time to ask Amitie if this is really how she wants to achieve her dream, and declares that if Amitie becomes a wonderful magician without actually working for it, Raffina would never be able to respect her again. Amitie feels crushed by Raffina's harsh statement, causing Klug to chase after Raffina to get her to apologize. Schezo comforts Amitie by telling her to just ignore what Raffina said.
After a short musical number, the play returns to Arle and Carbuncle. Arle is disappointed that everyone is searching for the white Puyo without her, but she asks Carbuncle what he would wish for if he had the white Puyo. Their conversation is interrupted by Sig and Schezo, who managed to catch the white Puyo but have already deduced that the whole thing was a prank set up by someone. Rulue admits that she was the one who started it all in the first place, but admits that even now she has no idea what she was trying to accomplish. Rulue challenges Arle to a Puyo battle at midnight, saying that whoever loses will be banished from Primp Town forever. News of their upcoming battle spreads throughout Primp Town, causing Amitie and Ringo to panic since they don't want either Arle or Rulue to be banished. Arle decides to accept Rulue's challenge, even if she doesn't want either of them to be banished, it's not in her nature to turn down an honest challenge.
During Arle and Rulue's battle at midnight, another white Puyo shows up, causing the rest of the cast to chase after it. After a hectic chase scene, Amitie manages to catch it, then tosses it to Ringo, who tosses it to Carbuncle. The Puyo is revealed to actually be a green Puyo, and Carbuncle lobs it at Arle's board, securing an all-clear chain for her and winning the match.
Raffina reveals that the fake white Puyo was prepared by Satan before the match. Klug and Schezo wonder why he would do something like that, though Raffina has no idea why he did it. Rulue shows up with a suitcase, prepared to leave Primp Town forever. Satan tells her that he does not want her to leave and that she has no reason to keep a silly promise like that. Rulue is touched, but the moment is quickly over when Arle appears and causes Satan to start ignoring Rulue once more. After going through all the trouble, Rulue takes him by the hand and brings him onto that date she had been wanting this entire time. With Arle and Carbuncle left alone, she tells Carbuncle what she would wish for if the white Puyo was real: She would wish that she could be with her friends forever, and that they would all be happy together forever.


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