Puyo Puyo Drama CD Volume 2

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Puyo Puyo Drama CD Volume 2
Audio Drama Volume 2.jpg
Volume 2 Cover
WriterUtako Yoshino
CastShiho Kikuchi (Amitie, Narration)

Yuriko Fuchizaki (Sig)
Noriko Namiki (Raffina, Lidelle, Onion Pixie)
Mie Sonozaki (Klug, Possessed Klug)
Takumi Yamazaki (Lemres)
Yukie Maeda (Feli)
Miwa Kouzuki (Accord & Popoi)
Tamaki Nakanishi (Yu & Rei)
Naomi Wakabayashi (Ocean Prince, Dongurigaeru)

Kaoru Sakura (Witch)
Release dateJapan December 13, 2012

Puyo Puyo Drama CD Volume 2 is the second volume of a series of audio drama CDs produced by SEGA and written by Utako Yoshino.


Track Title
Japanese English
01 プリンプ魔導学校の課外授業 Primp Magic School's Extracurricular Lesson
02 サンタさんへのお願い Requests to Santa Claus
03 ぷよぷよ童話シリーズ その2 「マッチ売りのシグ」 Puyo Puyo Fairytale Series Part 2, "Matchseller Sig"
04 ワガママ王子と彗星の魔導師 The Selfish Prince and the Comet Mage
05 おまけボイス Bonus Voices

Track Synopses

Primp Magic School's Extracurricular Lesson
After mistakenly dropping a pile of Nuisance Puyo on Ms. Accord while practicing Puyo, the Primp Magic School students are taken on a special trip to the Nahe Woods where they are tasked to get to the end of the forest by working together. Lemres and Feli are also accompanying the group as special guests. The students are split into two teams of three, with Raffina, Sig, and Amitie on a team together and Feli, Lidelle, and Klug on the other.
Raffina, Sig, and Amitie are going through the forest and arguing when the path ahead of them is suddenly shrouded in darkness. Lemres appears to remind inform them that the path ahead is covered in darkness magic, that the goal of the exercise is to work together, and flies off. While Raffina and Amitie try to use their magic to illuminate the darkness, Sig finds a stag beetle and ties a ribbon to it. He explains that since stag beetles are nocturnal, they can follow it through the darkness by tying a ribbon to it. Raffina, Sig, and Amitie proceed to all join hands and follow Sig and the stag beetle down the path.
Meanwhile, Feli and Klug are bickering about being on the same team, only for Lidelle to realize that they're in a part of the forest that she doesn't recognize. This realization only makes their bickering worse, bringing Lidelle to tears and causing their fighting to stop so that she'll stop crying. She asks them to get along just for now, and the two agree to stop fighting. Feli decides to use her divination abilities to find the right path, but is unable to see the stars initially and her first attempt fails. Klug then uses his magic to bring the stars out, allowing Feli to find the right path. The two of them run ahead, while Lidelle is left behind. Lemres appears to tell her that he was watching her handle the two situation and commends her for getting the two of them to get along.
At the end of the forest, the two teams meet up again and encounter a dragon with a voice strangely similar to Popoi's. Possessed Klug protects Amitie from one of the dragon's attacks and directs the rest of the group to aim their spells in its direction. When all hope seems lost, Lemres encourages the group to work together even more, and they aim a group pair attack and defeat the dragon. With the dragon defeated and the extracurricular lesson over, Lemres asks if the dragon seemed familiar, but Ms. Accord claims that it was all in his imagination.
Requests to Santa Claus
Santa Claus reads the various Christmas letters from various characters.
Puyo Puyo Fairytale Series Part 2, "Matchseller Sig"
A parody of the fairytale, The Little Matchgirl. It features Sig as the titular matchseller trying to sell matches on a winter day.
The Selfish Prince and the Comet Mage
After witnessing Lemres transforming Salde into a fish, Raffina, Klug, and Amitie ask Lemres why he's so willing to help the prince in spite of his selfishness. This leads Lemres to explain how he first met Salde, and how Salde's own selfishness helped him in a special way.
Lemres met Salde long ago while running away from his servants, and was impressed that Salde was so confident in running away from home for his own happiness. Salde then noticed that Lemres was a magician, and asked him to transform him into a fish. When the spell was successful, Salde was elated. This inspired Lemres to leave his home, travel to different places, and spread happiness with his magic.
Bonus Voices
A collection of extra voice lines. This includes the characters spells and other lines such as good morning messages and goodnight messages.