Satan's Grand Popularity Enterprise

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Satan's Grand Popularity Enterprise
Puyo SUN cover small.png
Satan's Grand Popularity Enterprise Cover
WriterNarumi Takahira
IllustratorMifudzuka Tsukasa
Release dateJapan February 1, 1998

Satan's Grand Popularity Enterprise (サタンさまのモテモテ大作戦 Satan-sama no Motemote Dai Sakusen) is a novel based loosely on the events of Puyo Puyo SUN. It follows Satan's quest to become popular and features multiple other characters, including Arle, Carbuncle, Schezo, Rulue, Incubus, Kikimora, and Ragnus.


ぷよワールドへようこそ ! 容姿端麗、頭脳明晰、スポーツ万能、全智全能の力を持つ魔界の王サタンさま。その1万とんで25年の人生の中で、ただひとつ足りないもの、それは恋人だった。『モテモテになりたい!』との一念で、まずはアルルをモノにするべく修業の旅に出たサタンさまだったが、はたして成果のほどは…?『ぷよぷよSUN』ノベライズ、ひたすら愉快に登場。

—Official synopsis

Welcome to the World of Puyo!

The Lord of the Demon World has it all: a beautiful face, astounding intellect, all-around athletic prowess, and all-knowing, omnipotent power. There is just one thing missing from his 10,025 years of living: a lover. With his mind set solely on "I want to become popular!", he sets off on a training journey to win Arle's heart, but just what will the result be...? Find out in this comedic novelization of Puyo Puyo SUN!

—Translation by Eudaemonics


Character Profiles

Puyo sun satan kikimora carbuncle.png
The main character of this book. He is the dashing, intelligent, and omnipotent lord of the demon world. He's 10,025 years old and enamored with Arle.
A fairy[1] who lives for cleaning. She likes it when things are tidy and loves to look after other people.
A mysterious yellow creature. It used to be friends with Satan, but it's always by Arle's side now. All it can say is "Guu".
Puyo sun rulue arle schezo incubus.png
Schezo Wegey
A silver-haired Dark Mage. He's very handsome and has high magical power, but for some reason he has a reputation for being a pervert.
Arle Nadja
An apprentice mage. She is an ingenuous, cheerful, and openhearted young girl that is full of energy. She possesses mighty magical power and goes on adventures to pass the time.
A master of martial arts who has dedicated her life to Satan. She is a selfish and hasty young lady who is quite proud of her nice body.
A handsome lady-killer who freely flirts with anyone, regardless of gender.[2] He's obsessed with himself and loves to give kisses to other people.
Translated by Eudaemonics



  • This book lists Satan's age as 10,025 years old rather than 100,025 years old, the age listed in All About Puyo Puyo and the Madou Monogatari Fanbook: Illustration & Others. It is unknown whether this was intentional or a typographical error.


  1. The original Japanese uses the term yousei, which is synonymous with "fairy" in English but can refer to any supernatural being of Western origin.
  2. Localized this a bit. "He freely flirts with men and women alike" would be the more literal translation.