Sig's Secret

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Sig's Secret
Sig's Secret cover.jpg
Sig's Secret cover
WriterUtako Yoshino
IllustratorKome Ichigo
Release dateJapan July 15, 2015

Sig's Secret (シグのヒミツ, Shigu no Himitsu) is a novel based on the Puyo Puyo series. The story involves the Primp Magic School setting up the annual Primp Festival, and Amitie being in charge of a school project. However, her ambitions get her roped into a dangerous secret involving Sig.


The day of Primp Town’s annual Primp Festival is drawing closer. Amitie and her friends are planning to set up their own festival stand, and Lemres and Feli have come to help out! But then Feli makes a prophecy predicting that some sort of big disaster is going to happen… After some chaos in Witch’s Potion shop, Amitie and her friends are faced with Sig suddenly quitting their festival prep team!! And things only get worse for them when Sig runs off and disappears…!

—Official synopsis[1]


The story Sig's Secret revolves around Sig's red arm. In it, Amitie, Sig, Klug, and various other characters try setting up a festival, but while the preparations are underway, a strange potion is dropped onto Sig. This makes him more spaced out than usual, and leads to him quitting the festival. Now Amitie, Ringo, and Arle have to figure out what's going on, and hopefully save their friend.


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