Everyone's Dreams, Coming True!?

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Everyone's Dreams, Coming True!?
Everyone's Dreams Coming True cover.jpg
Everyone's Dreams, Coming True!? Cover
WriterUtako Yoshino
IllustratorKome Ichigo
Release dateJapan December 15, 2014

Everyone's Dreams, Coming True!? (みんなの夢、かなえるよ!? Minna no Yume, Kanaeru yo!?) is a novel based on the Puyo Puyo series. The story involves Amitie finding a mysterious small chest and attempting to open it to see if there are any clues to the original owner. After opening it, however, she finds that it actually contains a mist that manifests dreams.


Amitie discovers a small box, but she doesn’t know how to open it. She talks about it with everyone, but it abruptly opens and emits a strange smoke!! As a result, unusual events have been occurring one after another…!? Right on time, the Dark Wizard Schezo arrives to discuss the chest’s secret. The trio of Amitie, Arle, and Ringo work together to resolve this mystery in Primp Town!

—Official synopsis[1]


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