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Hachi, as he appears in Puyo Puyo!! Quest.
Personal Info
Notable Appearances
Only appears inPuyo Puyo!! Quest
Voice Actor(s)
JapaneseIvan Shibata
Puyo Puyo!! Quest information
Hachi Hachi ver. Nekoma High Primp Town Hachi

Hachi is a character introduced in the Puyo Puyo!! Quest 10.0.0 version update. He is an engineer working for the mysterious Time Paradise Company alongside his coworker Zero and serves as an antagonist during the adventure mode. His real name is unknown.



Hachi appears to be a young man with streaked cyan hair and bright green eyes who wears a pair of grey headphones that sometimes show a translucent orange-yellow visor connected to them. He wears a suit and a dark grey coat with cyan edges fastened by a belt with a similarly-colored pouch connected to it. He is shown to carry a grey backpack containing various technical equipment at all times.


Hachi is an energetic young man who is shown to be very passionate about his work in the Time Paradise Company, though they do not answer his demands to be taken seriously and use the codename of "Eight" to match everyone else in his department. Hachi tends to go on long tangents regarding his work that spiral into other topics, oftentimes his coworker Zero.



Zero is Hachi's superior who he looks up to and has an interest in. Hachi wishes to be taken seriously by him and always wants to be seen on the same level as him, both by his peers and everyone else.
After the events of the first season's final arc, Hachi, alongside Zero partnered up with Seo in order to find Issen.
The first exposure to Issen as a character was Hachi impersonating them, saying “You don’t want to bring our good company into disrepute, now, do you?” Despite that, he does seem to have a level of respect for Issen.


  • Hachi's interest in Zero is heavily implied to be romantic.


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