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Septem, from the Arle no Bouken: Mahou no Jewel manual.
Personal Info
BirthdayDecember 16
Notable Appearances
Only appears inArle no Bouken: Mahou no Jewel

Septem is a major NPC from the spin-off game, Arle no Bouken: Mahou no Jewel. They are an inhabitant of the Hero's Village and are helped by Arle throughout the story.



Like most inhabitants of the Hero's Village, Septem has animal features. Their features are reminiscent of a goat, as they have spiral horns and pointed ears.

They have long purple hair tied into two long pigtails and green eyes. They wear a red tabard with a yellow pattern. They have black leggings, black boots, and long black fingerless gloves.


Septem is childish, sensitive, and naive. While kind most of the time, they are temperamental and quick to become upset. They quickly latch onto Arle as an older sister figure when she helps them retrieve their egg from Kodomo Dragon during the game.

They are clingy and afraid of being abandoned to the point of lashing out at Arle and calling her a liar when she doesn't watch their performance with Eggie during the Pet Contest at the festival.


Septem refers to Arle as their big sister and admires her greatly after she helps and protects them repeatedly during the events of the game.
Eggie is Septem's pet bird that hatched from the egg Arle rescued from Kodomo Dragon. Septem treats it like a pet and a friend, entering it into the festival's Pet Contest and taking care of it as an egg. Eggie also serves as transportation for Arle and Septem later in the story. Towards the end of Arle no Bouken, Arle fights Septem. In this fight they are riding atop of Eggie and commanding it to attack.


  • Septem's gender is never stated in any official materials, but they use the pronoun "ボク" (boku) in Arle no Bouken: Mahou no Jewel, and Arle refers to them as "セプテムくん" (Septem-kun). However, Arle no Bouken's scenario writer stated that Septem is genderless in a blog post discussing the game and Pocket Puyo Puyo~n.[1] [2]
  • Septem's name means "seven" in Latin, tying into the theme in Arle no Bouken of the spin-off exclusive bosses being named after Latin days of the week.[1] [2]
    • Their name combined with the final boss's name "Dies" becomes "septem dies", which means "seven days", referring to a full week.
  • According to Compile Club 89, there were plans to have Septem and Dies's expanded upon in Arle no Bouken. It is implied that they were previously one entity, Septem being the entity's heart and Dies being the entity's body that was sealed away in a shrine.
    • Elements of this were still kept in Arle no Bouken, with Dies still being a sealed entity and voicing Septem's deepest desires, but the relationship between them was not explicit and kept mostly vague.
  • Septem's favorite food is rolled omelette.
  • According to Arle no Bouken's scenario writer, Septem's birthday (12/16) is a pun on their name:[1][2]
    • Se = 千 (sen), meaning 1000
    • Pu = The Goroawase substitute for 2. (In the same manner that 2424 is commonly associated with Puyo Puyo.)
    • Te = The English number "ten". (10)
    • Mu = The Goroawase substitute for 6.



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