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Meena PuyoPop.png
Meena, as she appears in Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop.
Other NamesDream Guide
Guide of the Dream World
JP: ユメの世界の案内人(Yume no sekai no annainin)
Chinese 咩纳 (miēnà)
Russian Миина (Miina)
Notable Appearances
Only appears inPuyo Puyo Puzzle Pop
Voice Actor(s)
JapaneseAsami Hotori
EnglishCourtney Lin

Warning: The following article or section contains major spoilers.

Meena is a character exclusive to the Apple Arcade game Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop. She is the Guide of the Dream World and is responsible for accidentally trapping Amitie and her friends in the Dream World there after borrowing power from Sig. In the game's Adventure Mode, she gives Mission Puyo challenges to the player.



Meena is a small, cat-like creature with a black body wearing a white mask, which falls off whenever her expression changes. She wears a white T-shirt with splatters of color on it and a drawing of a sheep, along with splattered white rain boots. She is always seen holding a paintbrush in one hand and a cloud-shaped balloon with different colors on it in the other. She is only seen floating and doesn't seem to walk on the ground.


Meena has an innocent and lonely personality. After watching everyone from the Dream World for a long time, she wanted to be able to meet and talk with everyone and become friends with them. She is also considerate and not malicious as she is happy to return Amitie, Arle, and Ringo to the waking world when they request it, but becomes distressed when her magic does not work. Her eagerness to help and befriend others leads to her meddling in other characters' stories during the game. Being alone for so long seems to have made her a bit naive and desperate to make friends as she becomes distraught when Sig acts hostile to her and refuses to run away with her at the end of Lemres' route.


According to Lemres' knowledge, Meena is a mysterious creature that dwells in the Dream World and is usually only able to do things like grant wishes when someone is dreaming. She is normally unable to do something as drastic as transporting people into the Dream World. Lemres and Ringo hypothesize during the story that she must have borrowed power from someone and became unable to control it, which made it so that she could no longer return Amitie and her friends to the waking world.

In the Dream World, Meena is almost omnipotent and can do many fantastical, impossible things such as shrinking Amitie, making duplicates of characters, altering characters' behavior, and teleporting quickly to different places.


The power that allowed Meena to bring other people into the Dream World was lent to her by Sig, who Meena calls her friend. However, borrowing his power caused a change in his personality and by the end of Lemres' route, he claims to no longer have any need for Meena after she helped to unleash the rest of his magic.


  • When pronounced in Japanese, her name resembles the sound of a sheep's bleat in Japanese, メー ().
  • Despite her cat-like appearance, the writer of Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop says that Meena is a sheep.[1]
  • Meena's gender is currently unclear:
    • She is not explicitly gendered in Japanese, but uses ボク (boku) when referring to herself.
    • Feminine pronouns are used for her in the English, French, and Spanish localizations.
    • Masculine-to-neutral pronouns are used for her in the Simplified Chinese localization.



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