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Img418007 l.png
Atari, as she appears in Puyo Puyo!! Quest.
Other NamesHangul 아타리
Russian Атари (Atari)
Personal Info
Notable Appearances
Only appears inPuyo Puyo!! Quest
Voice Actor(s)
JapaneseSaran Tajima
Puyo Puyo!! Quest information
Atari Primp Town Atari Atari & Puubot Atari ver. Cure Black Atari ver. Sonic Bibliographer Atari Clinic Atari Warlock Atari

Atari is a character introduced in the Puyo Puyo!! Quest 10.0.0 version update and the main character of the renewed adventure mode. She is an apprentice detective at the Spacetime Detective Agency in Intral City and works with Seo and Roquier to investigate spacetime anomalies.



Atari appears to be a young woman with short brown hair styled into a bob and an ahoge sticking out at the top. She is fair-skinned and has dark red eyes.

While she has a variety of disguises that she wears while investigating, her usual work wear consists of a yellow trench coat, a pink shirt, purple shorts with blue leggings, brown shoes, and a brown glove that she wears on her left hand.


Atari is a highly motivated, excitable young woman who, to her job's detriment, often has trouble paying attention to her surroundings or what she is told. In her interactions with others she is always warm and polite, apologizing even to those she thinks have done wrong.


While nothing is known about her exact Puyo battling prowess just yet, Atari is physically very strong, as demonstrated when she managed to save Roquier from falling off a cliff with only a makeshift fishing rod. She is also noted to be a very fast swimmer and runner.


Seo is Atari's boss whom she looks up to. When Atari was a child, she fell into a Spacetime Tunnel but was saved by a mysterious detective who later treated her to Onigiri and gave her a Wishing Pendant, an Intralian toy whom Atari keeps on her person at all times. That mysterious detective was a time-displaced younger Seo, though Atari has yet to realize it herself.
Puubot is the assistant robot buddy of the Spacetime Detective Agency. Atari dotes on and sometimes partners up with it for Puyo battles.


  • Atari's name means a number of things in Japanese, including "jackpot", "on the mark", "success", and "tackle". She often makes puns and word-plays in regards to it.
  • Her favorite food is onigiri, but she also loves food that are typically seen in detective dramas such as anpan.
  • Her voice actress, Saran Tajima, is the vocalist of the Puyo Puyo!! Quest opening theme. The song also appears to be sang from Atari's point of view.


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