Kirby's Avalanche

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Kirby's Avalanche
Screenshot KirbysAvalanche Title.png
Title Screen
DevelopersCompile, HAL Laboratory
PlatformsSuper NES, Virtual Console
Players1-2 players
Release dateSuper NES
United States April 25, 1995
Europe February 1, 1995

Virtual Console

United States September 24, 2007
Europe July 27, 2007

Kirby's Avalanche (known as Kirby's Ghost Trap in Europe) is a localized version of Super Puyo Puyo. It was created by HAL Laboratory and Nintendo.


Kirby wishes to become the Avalanche or Ghost Trap champion, in order to do so though he must defeat all of his known enemies in a game of Avalanche/Ghost Trap to obtain the Dream Cup from the Fountain of Dreams.


Like Puyo Puyo, Kirby's Avalanche is divided into 3 levels: Easy, Normal, and Hard.

Beginner levels

The easy level, also known as the "Learning Stage", serves as an introduction to the game and features 3 stages:

  • Waddle Dee - A nervous enemy who is usually known to be the weakest character in the Kirby series. Plays like Skeleton T.
  • Bronto Burt - A flying creature with a bad attitude. Plays like Nasu Grave.
  • Waddle Doo - A one eyed monster who shoots a beam from his eye. Plays like Mummy.

Normal levels

The normal levels starts at stage 1, starting with Poppy Brother Sr.:

  • Poppy Brother Sr. - A normally weak mini boss who is known for tossing bombs at his foes. Plays like Draco Centauros.
  • Whispy Woods - The literal beating bag of the Kirby bosses, an apple tree who hates it when people step on his roots. Plays like Suketoudara.
  • Kabu - A teleporting statue who always seems to block everyone's way. Plays like Sukiyapodes.

Hard levels

The harder levels starts at stage 4, starting with Broom Hatter:

  • Broom Hatter - A character with, like Kikimora, constant cleanliness obsession. Plays like Harpy.
  • Squishy - A squid who loves messing in other people's affairs. Plays like Sasoriman.
  • Lololo & Lalala - A duo that was originally known for having their own spin-off game, but later became enemies of Kirby. Like Harpy and Panotty, their blobs clear into music notes. They also play like Panotty.
  • Bugzy - An intimidating stag beetle. Plays like Zombie.
  • Paint Roller - As Kirby claims, he is "the meanest artist ever", he brings portraits to life and skates back and forth to them. Plays like Witch.

Final levels

  • Heavy Mole - A mining one-eyed machine who never stops burrowing. Plays like Zoh Daimaoh, but doesn't shake the board like King Dedede.
  • Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright - Rulers of the night and day, who are known for getting into feud with each other. They play like Schezo Wegey.
  • Kracko - Like Whispy Woods, he is a reoccurring boss in the series, known for zapping his enemies and frying them. Plays like Minotaur.
  • Meta Knight - A major character in the series who wears a mask to hide his face and wields the sword of Galaxia. Plays like Rulue.
  • King Dedede - The selfish king himself who loves food and is also after the Dream Cup. Plays like Satan but shakes the board like Zoh Daimaoh.


Kirby first made his debut with Kirby's Adventure on the Game Boy in 1992.

Banpresto published the Super Famicom version of Puyo Puyo, Super Puyo Puyo, on December 10, 1993. This version would be the basis of Kirby's Avalanche.

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