Puyo Puyo DX

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Puyo Puyo DX

Puyo Puyo DX
Puyopuyodx titlescreen.gif
The title screen.
DevelopersSEGA Mobile
Players1 player
Release dateJapan Sometime in 2004

Puyo Puyo DX (ぷよぷよデラックス, Puyopuyo derakkusu) is a mobile Puyo Puyo game released by SEGA MOBILE in 2004 and is considered to be the deluxe mobile version of Minna de Puyo Puyo. It was included in the Sonic Café/Puyo Sega subscription service when it was released, and included enhanced versions of other Puyo Mobile games that were part of the subscription at the time.

Additional Information

This Puyo game is considered to be "Lost Media" because no screenshots or gameplay can be found anywhere.