Puyo Puyo DA!

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Puyo Puyo DA!
Screenshot PuyoPuyoDA Title.png
Title Screen
PlatformsArcade, Dreamcast
ModesSingle Player, Multi Player
Players1-2 players
Release dateDreamcast
Japan December 16, 1999


Japan December 26, 1999

Puyo Puyo DA! is a Dance Dance Revolution based game for the Dreamcast with Puyo Puyo characters. This game is based off a DiscStation game previously featuring Ellena Stevens.

In contrast to most Puyo Puyo games, a large majority of the text in this game is in English.

It was Compile's last Puyo Puyo game to be released on a Sega system (the last Compile game in the series, Puyo Puyo Box, released a year later.)


There are 8 characters in this game:


There are 8 different songs in this game, 1 per character. Here are the songs along with the name of the character they are associated with:

Character Song
Arle Shakunetsu no Fire Dance(Edit)
Skeleton T Puyopuyo(DA Original Remix)
Suketoudara I miss you
Ellena I sing
Minotauros Hip House Compile Classix'95
Schezo toy of puyopuyo(morphing 727 mix)
Satan I hate you(hanglish version)
Rulue memories of puyopuyo(euro version)