Puyo Puyo Slot

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Puyo Puyo Slot
Puyo Puyo Slot title screen
DeveloperCompile, Banpresto
Release dateArcade
Japan 1994

Puyo Puyo Slot (ぷよぷよスロット, Puyopuyo Surotto) is a medal game released by Banpresto in 1994. The game takes its soundtrack and sound effects from Super Puyo Puyo.


At least one medal or a 10 yen coin is required to start the game, but up to three may be inserted. Once the start button is pressed or a third coin is inserted, the game starts. Inserting a 100 yen coin returns 11 medals.

The game generally operates like a video slot machine, but unlike a typical game where winning is determined by matching reel symbols, the goal is to stop three reels of Puyos in an arrangement which would result in a chain assisted by two other columns of Puyo on each side. The payout is determined by the amount of Puyos cleared and the chain length.


  • In a manner akin to Puyo Puyo Sun and Puyo Puyo~n (interestingly despite preceding both), there are different effects for popping Puyos. However, in this game, this is reliant on chain length (to correspond with Arle's spells) instead of playing as different characters.
    • Also preceding the release of both games is the inclusion of chain animations for Arle as seen on the right side of the screen.

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