Puyo Puyo Zurashi

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Puyo Puyo Zurashi
Puyo Puyo Zurashi Title Screen.gif
Title Screen
DevelopersSonic Cafe
PlatformsMobile Phone
Players1 player
Release dateJapan October 20, 2006

Puyo Puyo Zurashi (ぷよぷよズラシ, Puyopuyo zurashi) was the third mobile game as a remake of Sega and Sonic Team's original Puyo Puyo Fever made by Sega and Sonic Cafe. This game was released for the Pocket PC as a downloadable game in Japan on October 20, 2006. Unlike all the games in the series so far, this game was never released out of Japan.


Puyo Puyo Zurashi is a mobile game that's based on Puyo Puyo Fever, but it does not include fever mode. The field size is changed to display 12x12, but you can't drop some puyo. Instead, you swap some puyo. When the level starts, a Level screen appears onscreen. When time runs out, the Game Over screen appears. Puyo Puyo Zurashi Screenshot.gif

Title Screen

On a blue background with "Popping Puzzle Fun" logos, we see Amitie in her familiar thinking pose, with the Japanese Puyo Puyo Fever logo with "ZURASHI" (in Japanese) taking the place of "FEVER". There's a copyright below Amitie saying "(C) Sega" in all caps.