Puyo Puyo eSports Arcade

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Puyo Puyo eSports Arcade
Puyo Puyo eSports Arcade logo
DeveloperSonic Team
Players1-4 players

Puyo Puyo eSports Arcade (ぷよぷよeスポーツアーケード, Puyopuyo eSupōtsu Ākēdo) is the arcade release of Puyo Puyo Champions, featuring Aime card support for online interactions as well as local play via adjacent cabinets. The game features Puyo Puyo 2 mode and Puyo Puyo Fever mode in a versus or endurance mode setting.




  • Multiplayer mode is limited to best-of-three matches
Puyo Puyo 2
Based on Puyo Puyo 2. This includes offsetting, margin time, double rotation, and All Clear that was missing from its predecessor.
Puyo Puyo Fever
Based on Puyo Puyo Fever. Utilizing unique dropsets and chain strengths, the player is tasked is trying to beat the opponent. Offsetting behaves differently, with Nuisance Puyo only dropping if the opponent fails to create a chain. If a player manages to offset 7 times, they will enter Fever, where the player is tasked with clearing preset chains.

Single Player

Defeat as many characters as you can within the 3 minutes allotted for gameplay. In place is a lives system, where you can fail a couple of times without the game reverting to the title screen. At any time, another player can join and a best-of-three match begins.



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