Madou Monogatari: Secret of Elysium

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Madou Monogatari: Secret of Elysium
Secret of elysium title screen.png
Title screen of Madou Monogatari: Secret of Elysium
DeveloperCompile Korea
PublisherCompile Korea
PlatformsWindows 95
Players1 player
Release dateWindows 95
South Korea March 20, 1998

Madou Monogatari: Secret of Elysium (마도전기(魔導傳記) 엘리시온의 비밀) is a first-person dungeon-crawler developed by Compile Korea released on March 20, 1998.


Madou Monogatari: The Secret of Elysium tells the story after the Chaotic Final Exam. However, the Korean version of Disc Station emphasized that the story had nothing to do with the original version.

The Masked Principal informs students that they have a temporary vacation due to Arle's school construction and gives students homework to get something they cannot learn from school during the vacation. Then suddenly, Elysium's magical castle pops up, and school students challenge the story that solving the secret of the castle will grant their wishes. After hearing the story, Arle also decides to enter the tower, but Carbuncle runs away to the castle. Arle navigates the maze and eventually finds it again, and continues to climb the tower by solving the puzzles on every floor. By the end of the dungeon, Arle encounters a young girl in the tower, the Sleeping Princess. The Sleeping Princess claims that she is a powerful opponent, and tells Arle to prepare herself for battle. They fight, and once Arle wins she puts her back to sleep. Arle also decides to take the princess's staff before she leaves the dungeon. As she exits the dungeon, the moon begins to speak to her and tells her that she has solved the Secret of Elysium and that she can make a wish. Carbuncle wishes for curry that he can eat whenever he wants, which makes Arle laugh. With the Secret of Elysium solved, she and Carbuncle return to their daily life.


Madou Monogatari: Secret of Elysium is a first-person dungeon-crawler with minimal to no numerical statuses. The player navigates the maze-like floors of the towers by solving puzzles and defeating enemies.


  • While this game was never given an official English or Japanese release, there seems to have been plans to have created a multi-language version of this game indicated by the empty "en" and "jp" folders.[1]
    • There is also an unused asset of Wish in the game's files.
  • This game's assets are recycled from previous Madou Monogatari games, including Madou Monogatari: Tower of the Magician and Madou Monogatari: Chaotic Final Exam.
  • The game's title is an allusion to the Elysium Fields from Greek mythology.



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