Broadway Legend Ellena

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Broadway Legend Ellena
Broadway Legend Ellena Title Screen.jpg
Players1 player
Release date1994

Broadway Legend Ellena is a rhythm game released in the Disc Station magazine for PC-98 computers in 1994. The title character, Ellena Stevens, would later cameo in Puyo Puyo DA! for the Sega Dreamcast.


The character on the right side of the screen will first make inputs up, down, left, or right. During your turn, you, playing as Ellena, have to repeat all of their last dance moves in a fashion similar to the game Simon. There are six stages in total.

Stage 4.


  • Puyo Puyo DA!, released 5 years later in 1999, is based off of the gameplay of Broadway Legend Ellena.
    • Ellena Stevens stars as a playable main character in DA! for this reason.