Puyo Puyo Fever Habanero

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Puyo Puyo Fever Habanero
Puyopuyofeverhabanero logo.gif
Puyo Puyo Fever Habanero's logo
DevelopersSEGA Mobile
PlatformI-mode 70x, Vodafone Live! (3G), EZweb (BREW 3.1)
Players1 player
Release dateJapan January 24, 2007

Puyo Puyo Fever Habanero (ぷよぷよフィーバー ハバネロ Puyopuyo fībā habanero) was a mobile Puyo game released January 24, 2007 by Sega as part of the of the Sonic Café (later Puyo Puyo! Sega) subscription service, a service in which members paid 300¥ a month for access to an exclusive library of Sega games. This game is known for its very high difficulty compared to its sister games, both Puyo Puyo Fever and Puyo Puyo Fever 2. Like both games, it has a RunRun, WakuWaku and HaraHara course. Only Amitie and Raffina were playable in the game.[1]


  • This game is considered to be "lost media" due to the fact that a few sources have provided minimal information regarding the game's content.



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