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Character Roster Table?

What say you guys about a sortable table like this? (abridged example only) --TetsutaroOokami (talk) 23:50, 13 January 2014‎ (MDT)

Character Color Series First Appearance Notes
Amitie Red Fever Alt: Sweet Amitie (event reward)
Ringo Red 7 Event reward
Arle Blue OPP Alt: Santa Arle (event reward)
Alt: Arle (Puyo Tetris ver.) (special grant)
Baldanders Blue Fever 2
Lemres Green Fever 2 Event reward
Carbuncle Yellow OPP Event reward
Popoi Purple Fever Alt: Black Popoi (event reward)
Satan Green OPP Limited from gacha
Alt: Santa Satan (limited from gacha)

PuyoRiderZ2014 (talk) 00:29, 7 April 2014 (MDT) Oops! Popoi is from Fever, not from TSU!

True that. But not that we are going to include First Appearances here. If people wanna know just click through and check out the dedicated page --TetsutaroOokami (talk) 19:30, 8 April 2014 (MDT)

Time to give an article an update!

The new characters are out, but the article does not seem to show them. Quick! Give it an update! PuyoRiderZ2014 (talk) 07:59, 3 July 2014 (MDT)