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For this character's general appearance in the whole series, see Ringo Ando.Edit dataRefresh

Ringo ver. PuyoTouch りんご ver.ぷよタッチ

Character Cards

[★6] Ringo ver. PuyoTouch

りんご ver.ぷよタッチ
    HP 1624~2996
MAX Lv. 99 Attack 797~1385
Cost 26 Recovery 279~720
Transform --
Unindexed Card
    MAX Lv. 99
Extra Training Cost 26
[[File:Img{{{ts}}}.png|96px|[★6] Ringo ver. PuyoTouch (Extra Power Change)|link=]] Enabled
HP 1624~2996
Attack 797~1385
Recovery 279~720

Exclusive Transformation Materials


Related Unindexed Cards

[★5] Ringo Box

    HP  ???~???
MAX Lv.  ??? Attack  ???~???
Cost  ??? Recovery  ???~???
Transform --
Unindexed Card
    MAX Lv.  ???
Extra Training Cost  ???
[[File:Img{{{ts}}}.png|96px|[★5] Ringo Box (Extra Power Change)|link=]] Enabled
HP  ???~???
Attack  ???~???
Recovery  ???~???
Character Introduction [+]
First Introduced
Special Keywords
01. Heroines
04. Suzuran
59. Girls
Character Restrictions
No Multiplayer
Character Voice
Asami Imai (今井麻美)
Acquisition Means
Event: Puyo-ing Repaint-pop Quest
Puyo Puyo!! Touch Series
Amitie ver. PuyoTouch Arle ver. PuyoTouch Ringo ver. PuyoTouch
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Ringo りんご
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