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For this character's general appearance in the whole series, see Raffina.Edit dataRefresh

Raffina ver. Ran ラフィーナ ver.蘭

Character Cards

[★6] Raffina ver. Ran

ラフィーナ ver.蘭
    HP 2046~3516
MAX Lv. 99 Attack 1220~2004
Cost 30 Recovery 78~225
Transform --
Unindexed Card
    MAX Lv. 99
Extra Training Cost 30
[[File:Img{{{ts}}}.png|96px|[★6] Raffina ver. Ran (Extra Power Change)|link=]] Enabled
HP 2046~3516
Attack 1220~2004
Recovery 78~225
Character Introduction [+]
First Introduced
Special Keywords
Conan Collab
03. Magic School
59. Girls
Character Restrictions
Character Voice
Noriko Namiki (並木のり子)
Acquisition Means
Gacha: Magic Stone Gacha (limited)
Equivalent Characters of
Raffina ラフィーナ
Raffina Sakura Raffina Diligent Raffina Swordfighter Raffina Raffina ver. PuyoChron Midsummer Raffina Raffina ver. Ran Sweet Raffina Make Up Raffina Raffina ver. Karasuno High Raffina ver. PuyoTet2 Raffina ver. Tsukuyomi
Kitty Raffinaexc.
Martial Staff Raffinaexc.
Steam City Raffinaexc.
Primp Town Raffinaexc.
Guiding Raffinaexc.
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