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For this character's general appearance in the whole series, see Sig.Edit dataRefresh

Raincloud Nine Sig うきうきのシグ
Side Purple PuyoAttackSingle

Character Cards

[★7] Raincloud Nine Sig

Side color Purple Puyo HP 3977~6357
MAX Lv. 120 Attack 2701~4224
Cost 68 Recovery 453~453
Transform --
Unindexed Card
Side color Purple Puyo MAX Lv. 120
Extra Training Cost 68
[★7] Raincloud Nine Sig (Extra Power Change) Enabled
HP 3977~6357
Attack 2701~4224
Recovery 453~453
Character Introduction [+]
First Introduced
Special Keywords
Puyo Fest
03. Magic School
46. Many Mysteries
60. Boys
Character Restrictions
No Mix-up Summons
Character Voice
Yuriko Fuchizaki (渕崎ゆり子)
Acquisition Means
Gacha: Magic Stone Gacha (limited)
  • Etymology: from ukiuki (うきうき) (Japanese: cheerful) + uki (雨季) (Japanese: rainy season)
Exception Characters of
Sig シグ
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Raincloud Nine Sigexc.
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