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What if Arle was in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

I've done it! I've created a place for Puyo Nexus to discuss this after the death of the forums!, it's of course time to discuss everything related to that topic here.

I think her physical attacks will be fantastic with weapons (?) such as Harisen (as in Sega Genesis Madou I) or stuff. As Puyo Puyo was originally RPG and tendency of RPG-based modes in some games, "Command Selection" attack like Hero would fit for Arle. Like Robin and Hero, Arle has MP system.

Speaking of specials, NB is Fireball, but, which style would be fit, Robin's Arcfire, Ness' PK Fire, Palutena's Explosive Flame, or completely new style? Up B is Ice Storm. Side B is Thunder (acting somewhat similar to Robin's). Down B is Command Selection, my selections are Judgement, Sleep, Revia, Mind Blast, Diacute, Shield, Warp, Heaven's Ray, Speed Up and Speed Down. Final Smash would be Bayoen, but which is more better, traditional Bayoen, SS Madou version or fusion of both? Her attack would be too wonderful. --- Raffina Higashikata 2, September 22, 2019.

Personally, I see her as being based on Puyo Puyo primarily. She'd still have specials (NB Ice Storm (mostly so that's Kirby's copy ability), Side B Fireball (which I think of more like Mega Man's jab), Up B Heaven's Ray, Down B Diacute, Shield B Ruipanko, and of course Bayoen has to be the FS) and even Smash attacks that focus on magic, but her thing would be chaining. Every time you get a hit, you get stronger, but if you get hit your opponents get stronger and you lose the buffs. I don't think she'd be like Hero. -- Celerity910, September 22, 2019. (P.S. Doppelganger Arle and Dark Arle alts would be the dream! Especially if they have their own voice lines.)