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Chapter First-clear Reward
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Very Curious
[★5] Blue Moon Puyo

Episode 1

[★6] Swordfighter Sig うーん


[★5] Swordfighter Klug やあ シグなにを めずらしくむずかしい顔をしているんだい?

Salutations, Sig. What are you looking so pensive for?

[★6] Swordfighter Sig ムシ こない

The bugs won't come to me.

[★5] Swordfighter Klug がくっ…分かってはいたけど まったく意外性のない答えだったね

Huh...? That was about the answer I expected, but I really didn't expect you to say it that outright...

[★6] Swordfighter Sig これに ハチミツぬったらムシ たくさん くる?

Do you think if I cover this in honey, they'll finally get closer?

[★5] Swordfighter Klug いやいや 剣をそんな使い方しちゃダメだろう!

That's preposterous, a sword isn't intended to be used like that!

[★6] Swordfighter Sig じゃあ どうやったらムシくる?

So how should I try and lure them?

[★5] Swordfighter Klug キミは 剣をなんだと思ってるんだ…

Just what do you think this sword is...?

[★6] Swordfighter Sig えーと…「よくムシとれるくん」?

Uhhhm... It's "Mr. Super Good at Bug Luring"?

[★5] Swordfighter Klug 名前を聞いているんじゃない!そもそも その認識がまちがってるんだって!

I'm not asking for its name! In the first place, your perception is all wrong!

[★5] Swordfighter Klug …やれやれしかたがない

...You're leaving me no choice.

[★6] Swordfighter Klug ボクが 正しい剣の使い方を見せてあげるよ

I shall show you the proper way to use a sword.

[★6] Swordfighter Sig うーん えんりょする

Hmmm, pass.

[★6] Swordfighter Klug いいから 見・た・ま・え!

Pay attention and look very closely!

ヒュッ! シュビッ!シュババッ!

(swoosh) (whoosh) (swish)

[★6] Swordfighter Klug ふふっ どうだい?ボクの剣さばきは

Myehe, what do you think of my swordsmanship?

[★6] Swordfighter Sig えーと すごく はやい

Uhm... It was really fast.

[★6] Swordfighter Klug もっと他に 気のきいた感想があるだろ……ん?

...You don't have any other comments...? ...Hm?

[★4] Ladybug ぴゅ~~ん…


[★4] Ladybug ぴとっ


[★6] Swordfighter Sig あっ


[★5] Swordfighter Klug あっ


[★4] Ladybug ぴゅ~~ん…


[★6] Swordfighter Sig 今 クルークの剣にてんとうむし とまった

Klug, a ladybug just landed on your sword.

[★5] Swordfighter Klug ま…まあ たまたまだろうけど

W-well... That was a mere coincidence.

[★6] Swordfighter Sig クルークの剣…すごいムシの呼び方 おしえて

Klug... Can your sword teach me how to lure bugs like that?

[★5] Swordfighter Klug だから そうじゃないんだって!

Like I have already said, it was just a coincidence!

Translation by eudaemonics