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Chapter First-clear Reward
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Princess’s Respite
[★5] Red Moon Puyo

Episode 1

バサッ… バサササッ…

Splish... Splash...

[★6] Phoeny ふー… いつのまにか 海岸まで 飛んできちゃった! このへんで ひとやすみしようかな

Phew... I've flown to the beach before I even noticed! I think I'll have a little vacay here.

[★5] Lolo あら あなた 見ない顔ね? こんにちは!

Huh, you don't look like you're from around here? Hello!

[★5] Lolo ねぇねぇ それ… とってもステキなドレスね!

Hey, hey! That's...a very lovely dress!

[★6] Phoeny えへへ ほんとー? うれしいな♪

Tee-hee, really? Happy to hear. ♪

[★6] Phoeny (あっ やっちゃった… おひめさまらしく おしとやかにしなくちゃ…)

(Ah, I'm doing it... I'm being graceful like the princess I am...)

[★6] Phoeny ウフフ♪ ごきげんようでござ… ござい… ござります!

Uhuhu ♪ Good day to you...and you...and even you!

[★5] Lolo 王冠をかぶってるなんて もしかして… おひめさま だったりして~?

That crown you're wearing. Could it be...that you're a princess~?

[★6] Phoeny そうでござる♪ アタシは おひめさまなの…

You are correct. ♪ I am a princess...

[★5] Lolo ん~? おひめさまにしては コトバづかいが不自然なような…

Hm~? The way you talk feels unnatural for a princess...

[★6] Phoeny き… 気のせいでございますわ♪ オホホホホ♪

That's... That's just your imagination. ♪ Ohohohoho! ♪

[★5] Lolo すご~い! じゃあ 本当に おひめさまなんだぁ!!

Amaz~ing! That must mean you really are a princess!!

[★5] Lolo ねぇねぇ! みんな聞いたー!? おひめさまが おしのびで 来てるんですってー!!

Hey, hey! Did you all hear that!? The princess has come to visit!!

[★4] Yando ドゥードゥー! おひめさま 「ごきげんうるわしゅう」です!

Doo-doo! The princess must be a "sign for an incoming good day"!

[★6] Phoeny ご… ごきげん うるうる?

S...Sign for a good day?

[★4] Yando みんなを だいひょうして 「カンゲイのい」を あらわします!

As the representative of the people, I will be giving the "warm welcome"!

[★5] Suri おひめさまですって? あたしの考えた なぞなぞを ぜひ といてほしいわ!

What do you need, princess? You should try solving my riddle!

[★4] Yogi これはこれは… おひめさまとは ボクの美しさをしめすのに ぴったりの存在じゃないか!

Well, well... The princess is just the person I need to show my beauty off to!

[★4] Yogi 手入れがゆきとどいた ボクの 羽根… この美しさにかなうものを ほかに見たことはあるかい?

These well-kept feathers of mine... Have you ever seen anything that could compare to it's beauty?

[★6] Phoeny えーと… あの… オホホホ…

Ehh... Um... Ohohoho...

[★5] Lolo も~! アタシが先に おひめさまと おしゃべり してたのよぉ!

Hey~! I was the one talking with the princess first!

[★5] Suri あたしが考えた むずかし~い なぞなぞをとくのが先よね?

I got an idea. Let's solve the most compli~cated riddle, shall we?

[★5] Lolo おひめさま! アタシとたくさん おしゃべりしたいわよねぇ~?

Princess! Don't you want to talk lots with me~?

[★6] Phoeny …もう! 限界!

...Okay! That's enough!

[★6] Phoeny いいたいことが いえなくて むずむずするよー! おしとやかになんて ムリー!!

I'm just itching to say what I want! I can't be graceful at all!!

[★6] Phoeny みんな ケンカはやめて なかよくしてよね! バイバーイ!

All of you better stop fighting and just get along! Bye bye!

[★5] Lolo ああっ 行っちゃった… おひめさま 待って~!!

Aah, she's gone... Wait up, princess~!!

[★6] Phoeny おひめさまって たいへんだなあ…

Looks like this princess is in trouble...