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Chapter First-clear Reward
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Remnant of the Old Self
[★5] Purple Moon Puyo

Episode 1

[★5] Mao フフッ 愛のお守りになりそうな いい貝がらがあるね あの子たちにも教えておこう

Huhu. These pleasant shells will make for a splendid love-bringing charm. I'll tell the others about this.

[★4] Dapper Bones はぁ…


[★5] Mao ん? キミ どうしたんだい?

Hm? You, what's wrong?

[★4] Dapper Bones アラ…や~ねェ~ 顔に出ちゃってたカシラ…

Oh... Oh me~ Oh my~ It must be all over my face...

[★5] Mao その深いため息に 憂いをおびた瞳… どうやら 恋の悩みみたいだね

Sighing so deeply, those melancholy eyes... It seems that you're having love troubles.

[★4] Dapper Bones そうね…アタシには コイビトがいたのよ…

Actually... I had a lover once before...

[★5] Mao いた…ってことは… そうか… わるいこと聞いちゃったかな

Oh...is that so...? Seems...I asked the wrong question.

[★4] Dapper Bones でもね アタシ 信じてるの 待ち続けていれば いつか 必ず会えるって…

Although, if I keep on waiting, I believe we will meet once again...

[★5] Mao でも もうながいこと つらい気持ちをかかえたまま 待ち続けているんだろう?

But you've been waiting for a long time, filled by bitter feelings, haven't you?

[★5] Mao なら 新しい恋を探してみるのも わるくないんじゃないかい?

So searching for a new love doesn't sound so bad, y'know?

[★4] Dapper Bones アナタがアタシをおもって 言ってくれているのはわかるワ でもね…

I know you say that because you're thinking of the best for me, but...

[★4] Dapper Bones アタシは自分のココロに ウソをついてまで 恋をするなんてできないのヨ

I could never fall in love if it meant I'd be lying to my own heart.

[★6] Mao キミのおもいは 変わらないみたいだね… そうだ このパフュームをわたそう

Your feelings have remained unchanged... In that case, I gift you this perfume.

[★6] Mao ココロにやすらぎを与える香りで キミを安心させてくれるだろう

A fragrance that soothes the heart and brings you to ease.

[★4] Dapper Bones アラ うれしいワ! こんなステキなものを もらえるなんて!

Oh, how joyous! To receive such a wondrous item, I can't believe it!

[★4] Dapper Bones アタシ こういうの大好きなのヨ♪

I just love things of this sort. ♪

[★5] Mao 気に入ってもらえて なによりだよ

Glad to see you enjoy it above all.

[★4] Dapper Bones なんだかこの感じ…なつかしいワ しまっていた思い出が よみがえってきそう

I feel somewhat...nostalgic. The memories I once put away are suddenly flowing back.

[★4] Dapper Bones あの日はそう… ステキなお洋服を着て オーデコロンをつけて出かけたワ

That day... I wore a posh suit, eau de cologne, and off I went.

[★6] Dapper Bones ながいナチュラルブロンドの カーリーヘアを なびかせて歩くア・タ・シ

My long, naturally blonde, curly hair flowing while・I・walked.

[★6] Dapper Bones あの頃は 若かったわねェ~

We were so young back then~

[★5] Mao …ナチュラルブロンド? …カーリーヘア?

...Naturally blonde? ...Curly hair?

[★5] Mao キミっていったい 何者だったんだ…?

Who in the world were you...?