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Chapter First-clear Reward
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Perfect Performance
[★5] Purple Moon Puyo

Episode 1

[★5] Greap ふたりとも ついてくるなよー オレは オマエらとちがって 忙しいんだぞ

Quit trying to follow me, you two! Unlike you guys, I actually have things to do.

[★5] Margin だって グリープが どんなシゴトをしてるのか 気になるよ!

C'mon, Greap! We just wanna know what kind of stuff you do at work!

[★5] Lyca グリープのシゴトぶりを ばっちり チェックしてやるぜ!

I wanna closely watch you while you're working!

[★5] Greap オレのシゴトは 冥界にきた タマシイを 案内することだから… オマエらの 相手はできないぞ

My job is to guide the souls that arrive at the Netherworld... I don't have time to deal with the both of you.

[★5] Greap それに だれかを連れていくなら 上司にきいてみないと…

Besides, I'd have to ask my boss if I wanted to bring others with me...

[★5] Jørn おぉっ お前さんは このまえ 案内してくれた… ひさしぶりだのう

Oooh... You were the one who gave me some guidance... Long time no see.

[★5] Greap こ… こんにちは って えぇっ!?

Oh... Hello thereー Wait, I did WHAT now!?

[★5] Jørn あのときは ていねいに 案内してくれて たすかったわい

It was so nice of you to lead the way. You really saved me.

[★5] Greap (い…いちど 冥界の先までいったら)

(D-don't they say that once you reach the Netherworld...)

[★5] Greap (よっぽどのことがないかぎり タマシイは もどってこられない はずなのに!?)

(Your soul is to never rise back up again unless a certain happening were to occur!?)

[★5] Lyca おっ! グリープがシゴトで 案内したヒトだな?

Oh! Greap, is this someone you guided while at work?

[★5] Margin わざわざお礼を 言われるなんて すごいねー!

You went through the trouble of actually showing us! Awesome!

[★5] Greap (案内のシゴトが 失敗したのかも… その時の状況を くわしく 聞きださないと…)

(Did I mess up while doing my guiding work...? I'll have to get more information on when this happened...)

[★5] Greap ち… ちなみに いつ どこへ 案内したんだったっけ? おぼえてるか?

S-say, when and where did this guiding of mine happen? Do you remember?

[★5] Jørn いつ どこじゃったかのう… たしか… メイカイ…

I might remember when and where... I think it had to do with...the Netherworld...

[★5] Greap (やっぱり… 冥界か!?)

(Seriously...!? It really WAS in the Netherworld!?)

[★5] Jørn ちがうのう… なんて名じゃったか… タマシイ…

Actually... I remember a name... "Soul"...

[★5] Greap (あぁっ! タマシイに 関係があるのか!?)

(AAH! It has something to do with souls!?)

[★5] Jørn そうそう! ゴクラクじゃ ゴクラク!

Yes, I remember it clearly now! It was a paradise, a paradise!

[★5] Greap (ゴ… ゴクラク!? 冥界の どこなんだ!? さっぱり おもいだせない…)

(P-PARADISE!? Where in the Netherworld is like THAT!? Yeesh, I don't recall one at all...)

[★5] Jørn ゴクラク温泉じゃ! 湯がアツアツでのう… いい気持ちだったわい

The Paradise Hot Springs! The water was so, so warm... It felt very good.

[★5] Greap な… なんだって!?

P-pardon me!?

[★5] Greap (おもいだした! このあいだ シゴトの帰りに ぐうぜん出会った 道にまよってたひとか!)

(I remember now! He's that lost person I just so happened to meet while I was on my way back home from work!)

[★5] Greap (シゴトで失敗したわけじゃ なかったのか… ヒヤヒヤしたぜ…)

(I thought I had messed up at my job... I was seriously freaking out...)

[★5] Margin しっかり シゴトしてるんだねー さすが グリープ!

You're great at your job! That's just so you, Greap!

[★5] Greap お… おう… まあな…

Uh... Uh-huh... Sure is...

[★5] Greap (はあ… やっぱり 死神のシゴトも 楽じゃないぜ…)

(Siiiiiigh... As one would suspect, the job of a grim reaper is no easy task...)