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Chapter First-clear Reward
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Common Day at the Haunted Castle
[★5] Purple Moon Puyo

Episode 1

[★5] Perrault ヒヒヒ…今日も調子がいいね♪

Hehehe...Aren't you looking good today. ♪

[★5] Georg おい ペロー いつも 剣をなめているが 味でも付いてるのか?

Hey, Perrault. You're always licking that rapier, does it have a taste?

[★5] Perrault いやー この剣の不思議な味に やみつきになっちゃったんだよ♪

Mhm, the rapier's mysterious taste is quite addictive. ♪

[★5] Perrault ゲオルグくんの斧もきっと 味があるはずだから たしかめてみたらどうかな?

Little ol' Georg's axe must have a taste of it's own. Why not give it a try?

[★5] Georg 本当かぁ? まぁ…ためしてやるか…

Really? Alright... Trying it out...

[★6] Georg ガブッ


[★5] Georg うげっ!? オレさまの斧 ニガイぞ! ペロー オマエがやったな!

Ugah!? My great self's axe is so bitter! Perrault, you've really done it this time!

[★5] Perrault いやぁ ごめん ごめん! 誰かがまちがえて食べないよう 刃にはニガ~イ薬をぬってたんだ

Oopsie! My bad, my bad! So nobody would mistakenly eat it, I put a nast~y medicine on the blade.

[★5] Perrault いま手で持っている 柄のほうなら ちゃんと味がするはずだよ♪

If you hold it by the handle, you should get a proper taste. ♪

[★5] Georg …ったく そういうことは はやく言えよ

...C'mon, you can't go around saying stuff like that.

[★6] Georg ガブッ


[★5] Georg …あぁん? なんだこれ 木の味しかしねぇぞ?

...Wha? What the hell, it just tastes like wood?

[★5] Perrault だってそれ どう見たって木だもの~♪

Well, obviously. it's just a tree log no matter what~♪

[★5] Georg おい ペロー! オレさまを からかったな!

Hey, Perrault! Quit teasin' my great self!

[★5] Georg もうガマンならねぇ…! オマエの剣を オレさまになめさせろ!

This won't be taken any longer...! Gimme yer rapier! My great self wants a taste!

[★5] Perrault あ ちょっと ……ヒヒヒ♪

Ah. Only for a little......Hehehe. ♪



[★5] Georg ウギャァァァーーー!!


[★5] Perrault ごめんごめん~♪ ボク以外がこの剣にさわると ビリッとする魔法が発動するんだよ

My bad, my bad~♪ If anyone other than me touches the rapier, a scaring spell is casted.

[★5] Perrault 今みたいに 急に 剣をとられたら困っちゃうもん …ね♪ …ヒヒヒ

Just like now, it'd be a shame if someone just suddenly grabbed my rapier... Riiight? ♪ ...Hehehe.

[★5] Georg 「ね♪」 じゃねーーー!

"Riiight? ♪" Noooo more!

[★5] Georg ちっ…ヒドい目にあったぜ もうオレさまは 帰るぞ!

Tch...This has been the worst. My great self is done with this. Goodbye!

[★5] Perrault (もしかして ゲオルグくん… 自分の悲鳴を聞くのも好き だったりしてー…)

(Could it be that little ol' Georg.. Enjoys hearing themself scream? It's possible...)

[★5] Perrault さすがに それはないか♪

Oh well, that's probably not it. ♪