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Chapter First-clear Reward
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How to Wield a Sword
[★5] Red Moon Puyo

Episode 1

[★5] Swordfighter Amitie ねえねえ シグ!この衣装 とってもステキでしょ?

Sig, Sig! Isn't this outfit super amazing?

[★6] Swordfighter Sig うん かっこいいかぶとむしみたい

Yeah. You look like a cool rhinoceros beetle.

[★5] Swordfighter Amitie えーっと… それってほめてくれてる?

Uhm... Was that a compliment?

[★6] Swordfighter Sig うん


[★5] Swordfighter Amitie そ…そっかあ

I see...

[★5] Swordfighter Amitie ところで せっかく剣士になれちゃったことだし…

That reminds me, since we're swordfighters now...

[★5] Swordfighter Amitie 剣を使って 勝負してみない?

Why don't we try out our swords in a battle?

[★6] Swordfighter Sig わかった

Sounds good.

[★5] Swordfighter Amitie よーし!それじゃあ いっきまーす!

Alriiiight! Okay then, here I come!

[★5] Swordfighter Amitie フレイム!


[★5] Swordfighter Amitie アクティーナ!


[★6] Swordfighter Sig いーくぞー

Here we go...

[★6] Swordfighter Sig シアン


[★6] Swordfighter Sig ラピスラズリ

Lapis Lazuli!

[★6] Swordfighter Sig ハイドレンジア


[★5] Swordfighter Amitie うわーん 逆転されちゃった~!…って

Darn, you really turned it around there~! ...Hang on...

[★5] Swordfighter Amitie これって いつものぷよ勝負じゃない!?

Weren't we just playing Puyo like we always do?!

[★6] Swordfighter Sig そうかも

Seems like it.

[★5] Swordfighter Amitie え~!剣の勝負ってどうやるの~?

Ma~n! How do you even use a sword?!

[★6] Swordfighter Sig しらない

Beats me.

[★6] Celebration Arle あれ? そこにいるのは…アミティに シグ!ちょうどいいところに!

Oh? If it isn't Amitie and Sig! Perfect timing!

[★5] Swordfighter Amitie あっ アルル!…ちょうどいいって どういうこと?

Oh, Arle! What do you mean by "perfect timing"?

[★6] Celebration Arle 今から このケーキを食べるところなんだけど…いっしょにどうかな?

I was just about to eat this cake, but... You wanna share?

[★5] Swordfighter Amitie え~! いいの!?食べた~い!

Oh, really?! I want so~me!

[★6] Celebration Arle それじゃあ ついでにケーキの切り分けもお願いね!

Since you want some, I'll leave slicing it to you!

[★5] Swordfighter Amitie えっ どうしよう あたしナイフなんて持ってないけど…

Uhm, what to do... I don't have a knife...

[★6] Swordfighter Sig アミティ これ

Amitie, use this.

[★7] Swordfighter Amitie あっ そっか!ちょうどいいところに剣が!

Oh, right! A sword is just the thing!

[★7] Swordfighter Amitie オッケー まかせて~♪

Okay, just leave it to me~♪

Translation: Eudaemonics