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Chapter First-clear Reward
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Unexpected Truth
[★5] Yellow Moon Puyo

Episode 1

[★5] Ingil この古いお城が 予告状に書かれていた ところだね

This ancient castle seems to be the place stated in the prenotice letter.

お城にねむる うつくしい宝石を いただきに参上します  怪盗クロード

Phantom Thief Claude is on his way to steal the precious gems kept within the castle.

[★5] Ingil いったい 何者なのかな? 謎はふかまる ばかりだけど… ゼッタイ つかまえてみせるよ

Who's that? This mystery just keeps growing, but...mark my words, I'll absolutely get to the bottom of this.



[★5] Claude この古城のどこかに かくされているはず… む? そこだな

It must be hiding somewhere in this ancient castle... Hm? There it is.

[★5] Ingil そこまでだ!!


[★5] Claude だれだ? 宝石を守っているのか? そうはさせん…

Who might you be? Are you protecting the jewels? I can't let that happen...

[★5] Ingil それはこっちのセリフだよ! ボクの能力を 見せてあげる! それっ!

That should be MY line! I'll show you what I'm capable of! Right now!

[★5] Claude 姿が消えた…?

He's gone...?

[★5] Ingil (Off-screen) 宝石はどこだろう? マントの中かな? それとも帽子かな?

Where are the jewels? Maybe the cape? Or could it be the hat?

[★5] Claude うわっ!? なにごとだ!? 体がかってに…

Uwah!? What's going on!? Something's happening to my body...

[★5] Ingil (Off-screen) ここかな? こっちかな? こちょこちょ…

Is it here? Maybe there? Here, there...?

[★5] Claude ふはっ… ははははっ! やめ… やめたまえ!! どこにいるのだ!?

Haha... Hahahaha! Stop... Stoooop iiiit!! Where are you!?

[★5] Ingil みーつけた! 宝石は とりもどしたよ!

Found ya! The jewel's been retrieved!

[★5] Claude な… なんということだ…


[★5] Ingil ふふっ ボクに予告状をだして ヨユウをみせたのが 運のツキだったね!

Heheh, it's a good thing you sent me that prenotice letter and even the location. Must be my lucky day!

[★5] Claude …ん? なんのことだ? 私は貴殿に対して 予告状をだしてはいないぞ

...Hm? What are you talking about? I didn't send any prenotice letters.

[★5] Ingil え… ええっ!? じゃあ この予告状は いったいだれが…

H...Huuuh!? Then who in the world sent that prenotice letter...

[★4] Salome インギールとやら ごくろうでしゅ

I put you thwu da' twouble, Ingiw.

[★4] Salome 予告状を送ったのは ワタクシでしゅよ

Da' pwenotice wettah was sent by me.

[★5] Claude おやおや 魔界の姫君 ごきげんうるわしゅう…

Well, well. If it isn't the dearest, cheerful, princess of the demon realm...

[★4] Salome こやつが ワタクシのお気に入りの おしゃぶりを盗むと 予告状を だしてきたので…

Cwuade sent me a wettah of pwenotice dat' he was gunna steaw my favowite pacifiew. Which ish why...

[★5] Ingil お… おしゃぶり!?


[★4] Salome その予告状を こっそり インギールに送って おしゃぶりを 守らせたのでしゅ

I secwetly sent dat' pwenotice wettah to Ingiw to ensuwe he pwotects my pacifiew.

[★5] Claude なんと… 姫君が肌身はなさず 持ち歩いているからと思ったが… まさか ただのおしゃぶりだとは

What...? I just thought to do that since it's always with the princess... I didn't realize it was just a pacifier.

[★5] Claude あてが外れた 出直すとするか…

I have misunderstood, but I will return, perhaps...

[★4] Salome さて インギールよ すばらしい はたらきでしゅ ほめてつかわしましゅ!

Well, Ingiw, you did a wondahful job. I give you my pwaise!

[★5] Ingil な… なんだか だまされたみたいで うれしくないよー!!

S...somehow, I feel I've been deceived. And I'm NOT happy about it!!