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Chapter First-clear Reward
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The Rumored Person!?
[★5] Yellow Moon Puyo

Episode 1

[★3] Serilly 人魚の肉を食べると 不老不死になるなんて ぐすっ…そんな伝説…

Eating mermaid meat grants you immortality...A legend like that...

[★3] Serilly ひどいわーーーっ!!!

Is just aaawfuuul!!!

[★4] Ruka なるほど 人魚の肉…ね

I see. Mermaid meat...Eh?

[★4] Ruka ふひひ… これは使えそうだわ!

Fwehehe... I can make good use with this!

[★6] Sebes ん? なんだかうまそうな においがするな?

Hm? There's something that smells good?

[★5] Ruka あ! そこのキミ! 不老不死になれるとウワサの 人魚の肉はいかが?

Ah! You there! Rumor has it that eating mermaid meat makes you immortal. You want some?

[★5] Ruka (人魚のアタシが調理した肉なら 「人魚の肉」って言っても ウソじゃないよね!)

(If I, a mermaid, were to cook the meat, calling it "mermaid meat" isn't a lie!)

[★5] Ruka お代はキミの持っている とっておきの情報だけでいいよ~!

Keep your money, all you have to do is give me your greatest deets~!

[★6] Sebes 不老不死なんて 信じちゃいねーが… ちょうど腹が減ってたんだ

I don't believe in immortality, though... I'm just hungry.

[★6] Sebes それ オレ様にくれよ! 代わりに農作業のことなら なんでも教えてやるぜ!

Hand it over to me! I'll tell you all there is to doing farmwork!

[★4] Ruka ふひひ…まいどあり~!

Fwehehe...Thanks for your service~!

[★4] Ruka (この調子でどんどん情報を 集めてやるんだからー!)

(I'm gonna keep collecting news at this rate!)


―Several days later―

[★5] Ruka おかしいわ…

That's funny...

[★4] Pulco どうしたの ルカ?

What's the matter, Ruka?

[★5] Ruka 人魚の肉はもとより みんな不老不死なんて 信じていないみたいなのに…

People don't seem to believe in immortality, let alone mermaid meat...

[★5] Ruka なぜかお客さんが あとをたたないのよ!

Yet for some reason I've got a never-ending line of costumers!

[★5] Rulue ちょっと そこのあなた!

Hey, you there!

[★5] Rulue なにやら美味しい肉料理を 出しているそうじゃない 私も いただきますわ!

I hear this place has delicious meat dishes. I wish to dig in on some!

[★5] Ruka えっ? いや~… 今日は記事の編集を やろうと思ってて…

Eh? No~... I was thinking of editing my news article today...

[★5] Regulus 我輩も食うぞぉ! ここの肉料理は 天界でも評判だからなぁ!!

I'll chow down on some too! Your meat dishes are even popular in the Heavenly Sphere!!

[★6] Hed オレさまは もちろん ハンバーグだ!!

I, of course, want a hamburger!!

[★4] Pulco へ~ ルカって 料理人のそしつがあったんだ? こんど食べさせてよー♪

Wow~ Ruka, you're quite the good chef, eh? You should cook me something up next time. ♪

[★5] Ruka うう~~! こんなことになるなんて 予想してなかったよ~~!!

Ooh~~! There's no way I could of ever expected things to happen like this~~!!