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Chapter First-clear Reward
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Frog-gone Conclusion
[★5] Green Moon Puyo

Episode 1

[★2] Donguri Gaeru ケロロ~ン♪ ケロケロケロ~ッ♪

Ribbit~ ♪ Rib-rib-ribbit~ ♪

[★5] Nero おっと… こんなところに 葉っぱのカサをもった どんぐりのようなカエルがいますヨ

Oh my... It seems I've found an acorn-like frog holding a leaf umbrella here.

[★5] Nero キョーミぶかい生きものです どんぐりなのか カエルなのか… 暮らしぶりを観察したいですネ

What a fascinating specimen. Are you more acorn? Or perhaps you are more frog? I'd like to conduct some naturalistic observation on your behavior, if you don't mind.

[★2] Donguri Gaeru ケロロッ!? ケロロロ~ン!

Rib-ribbit?! Rib-rib-ribbit~!

[★5] Nero おやおや… わたしのヘビたちを こわがっているようですネ… 心配することは ありませんヨ

Oh dear oh dear... You must be frightened of my darling snakes, yes? Be at ease, there's no need to be afraid.

[★2] Donguri Gaeru ケロッ!? ケロロッ!

Ribbit?! Rib-ribbit!

[★5] Nero あ… 待ちなさい まだ 観察が終わっていませんヨ

Ah... Please don't run off. I haven't completed my observations yet.

[★5] Nero …仕方ありませんネ

...If you're going to be difficult, then I have no other choice.

[★5] Nero さあ カンネンして 満足のいくまで わたしに 観察させるのです

Please stop resisting and allow me to observe you to my heart's content.

[★2] Donguri Gaeru ケロロロ… ケロ…

Rib-rib-ribbit... Ribbit...

[★5] Nero なにもこわくは ありませんヨ ひっくり返して おヘソがあるか 観察しましょう… フフフ…

There's nothing to be afraid of. I'll just turn you over to see if you have a navel, hehehe...

[★2] Donguri Gaeru ケロロロッ!? ケロロロー!!

Rib-rib-ribbit?! ribbit ribbit!!

[★4] Rain-sheltering Jaan じゃじゃじゃーん!!


[★4] Rain-sheltering Jaan 葉っぱのカサをもって ジャァーンが登場でごじゃる! ビックリしたでごじゃるか~?

With a leaf umbrella in her hands, Jaan has appeared upon the stage! Did I surprise ya~?

[★5] Nero おっと… これはおどろきました…

Ah... Now this is a surprising turn of events.

[★4] Rain-sheltering Jaan とっても ビックリしているで ごじゃるな? おどろかすのは 大成功でごじゃる~♪

You're super surprised, arent'cha? I really succeeded at giving you all a big fright, yeah~?

[★5] Nero まさか… カエルが 人間に変身するなんて…

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine a frog could take a humanoid form...

[★5] Nero わたしの研究室に つれ帰って テッテイ的に 生態を 調べなくてはいけませんネ…!

I simply must take you back with me to my lab. This calls for a thorough and precise investigation of your ecology...!

[★4] Rain-sheltering Jaan ななな… なんでごじゃる? 目がコワイでごじゃる…

Wh-wh-what did you just say?! You're looking at me all scary...

[★5] Nero だいじょうぶですよ まず やはり ひっくり返して おヘソを観察して… フフフフ…

Please, calm yourself. First, I'll just turn you over to see if you have a navel... Hehehehe...

[★4] Rain-sheltering Jaan よ… よくわからないけど 逃げるでごじゃる~!!

I-I don't got a clue what's going on, but I'm getting outta here!

[★2] Donguri Gaeru ケロ… ケロロ~ン♪

Ribbit... Rib-ribbit~ ♪

Translation by eudaemonics