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Chapter First-clear Reward
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Just Decorate ’em! ♪
[★5] Yellow Moon Puyo

Episode 1

[★4] Sumire …このあたりのようですね では ターゲットが現れるまで 隠れて待ちましょう

...This looks to be the right place. Well then, the target is bound to arrive at any moment, so it's best I conceal myself.

[★4] Yamabuki それにしても ヘンな任務ねぇ? とある国のお姫さまを ビックリさせるだけなんて…

Honestly, isn't this mission like, totally weird? All we're doing is giving the country's princess a scare...

[★4] Sumire ヤ… ヤマブキさん…? なんだか いつもより一段と キラキラしていませんか?

M...Miss Yamabuki...? Don't you seem a little more dazzling than usual?

[★5] Yamabuki あっ! わかる~? 今日は特別に キラキラのラメを 手裏剣に ふりかけてみたの♪ どう?

Oh! You noticed~? Today's a special day, so I like, bedazzled my shuriken in shimmering gold! ♪ Great idea, right?

[★4] Sumire どうと言われても… これじゃあ 逆に ターゲットに見つかって しまいます…

I wouldn't say so... That would just bring the target to us, and that's the opposite of what we want...

[★5] Yamabuki そう? こんなに暗いんだもの デコらなくちゃ 目立たないわ!

Really? Well, I can't just leave them looking all dull. You gotta decorate 'em so they can stand out!

[★1] Red Paprisu あれー? よるなのに キラキラで まぶしーい!

Huh? There's a shimmering spaaarkle in the night!

[★4] Yamabuki ちょうどいいところに! あなたにも キンピカのラメを ふりかけて…

You're like, exactly what I need! Lemme just bedazzle you in shimmering gold...

[★3] Golden Paprisu パプリス キラキラのリスに うまれかわっちゃったー!?

A new life as a Shiny Golden Paprisu begins!?

[★4] Yamabuki とってもステキよ♪ そうだわ かけ声の練習も しておきましょう!

Talk about totally perf! ♪ Alright, We need you to go out there and make some noise!

[★4] Yamabuki いい? あたしが手裏剣をかまえたら 「エレガント・スピン・ヤマブキ・ 手裏剣アターック!」って叫ぶの!

When I use my shuriken, I say "Elegant・Spin・Yamabuki・Shuriken Attack!" So you should say something too! Can you give it a try?

[★3] Golden Paprisu えれがんと・ぱぷりす・ だいなまいとあたっくー?

Elegant・Paprisu・Dynamite Attack?

[★4] Yamabuki うーん ちょっとちがうわね エレガント・スピン・ヤマブキ…

Uuuuh, that's not exactly what I had in mind. Elegant・Spin・Yamabukiー

[★4] Sumire ヤマブキさん…! いい加減に…

Miss Yamabuki...! Settle down...

[★4] Potalier …なんだか さわがしいですわね 人の気配もないのに 不自然ですわ

...I thought I heard some noise coming from here. I don't see a single person around. How strange.

[★4] Sumire (いけない! 今回のターゲットが やってきたようです…!)

(This is bad! The target has already arrived...!)

[★4] Yamabuki (ちょ… ちょっと スミレ! あんまり ひっぱらないで~!)

(H...Hold the phone, Sumire! You can't go and do something super drastic~!)

[★4] Potalier まったく お母様ときたら いきなり月見がしたいだなんて 勝手すぎますわよ

Honestly, I don't know why mother wanted me to go and see the moon all of a sudden. She's so self-indulgent.

[★3] Golden Paprisu えれがんと・あたーっく!


[★4] Potalier んなぁっ!? にゃっ… にゃんですの!?

Hyaaah!? W-what...are you!?

[★3] Golden Paprisu あれれー? ちがったー? えれがんと・きらきら あたーっく!

Huuuuh? Did I mess up? Elegant・Sparkling・Attaaack!

[★4] Potalier あら ただのリス…? …コホン ビックリさせないでくださる?

Oh, it's just a regular squirrel...? ...Ahem! You should not go around scaring people like that, understood?

[★4] Potalier しかも よくよく聞いてみれば… 姫であるワタクシのことを ほめたたえているのかしら?

A princess such as myself is looked up to by many, you know? So I hope you take what I have said to heart...

[★4] Potalier ちょうどいいですわ お月見会場まで リスを したがえて 行進しますわよ!

Everything has been settled now. Squirrel, you shall accompany me to the parade for the moon-viewing event!

[★4] Miras …ふふっ ポターリエは とつぜんのことにも あわてずに 対処できているようね

...Heheh, Potalier is getting better at dealing with surprises and isn't rushing into things anymore.

[★4] Miras くのいちのみなさんに ドッキリ作戦を お願いして正解だったわ…♪

You kunoichi made a perfect surprising tactic. Things ended up just how I wanted it to be... ♪

[★4] Sumire …まさか これって ぐうぜんにも 任務成功って ことなんでしょうか…?

...By all means, this mission being a success was purely coincidence. At least, I think...?

[★4] Sumire (ヤマブキさん… 実はこうなることを 見こして……?)

(Miss Yamabuki... Is there more to you than just what you put out.....?)

[★4] Yamabuki なによ~! これじゃ あたしが ぜ~んぜん目立たないじゃない!

What the heck~! I didn't stand out a single bit at aaaall!

[★4] Yamabuki こうなったら 手裏剣のほかに ヘアスタイルも盛って デコって キラキラにしてやるんだから!

Maybe my shuriken wasn't the right way to go. I should like, change my hairstyle and decorate it to be sparkling!

[★4] Sumire やっぱり デコるのは ほどほどにしてください…

As I expected. Please, just keep your decorating in moderation at the very least...