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Chapter First-clear Reward
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The Wolf’s Natural Enemy
[★5] Green Moon Puyo

Episode 1

[★5] Lyca アオーン! 満月が近づくと
Awooo! The full moon draws near, and so the blood of wolves cries out...
[★4] Rebecca あーん
Aaahhh, this path got me real lost. Sure am in trouble here~ ♪
[★5] Lyca ガルル… こんなに暗い森に
あんな かよわそうな
Grrrr... of course, within such a dark forest, a weak-looking girl would show up!
[★5] Lyca もし わるいオオカミに
会ったら たいへんだ!
If a big bad wolf were to find her, that'd be trouble!
[★5] Lyca おい! こんな暗いところを
出歩くなんて あぶないぞ!
オレが 送っていってやる
Hey! Ambling around some place as dark as this is dangerous! I'll see you out of here.
[★4] Rebecca あなたはだーれ?
いま おとどけものの最中なの
And whooo're you? I'm Rebecca, and I'm right in the middle of this delivery right now.
[★5] Lyca オレはライカー!
レベッカの行き先に つきあうよ
I'm Lyca! I know this forest well, so I'll accompany you to your destination.
[★4] Rebecca あたしの おとどけものの
ジャマをしないなら いいわよ!
If you don't get in the way of my delivery, then sure!
[★5] Lyca よし! だったら
さっさと 終わらせようぜ!
Alright! Then let's get this over with!
アオーン… アオーン…
ガウ… ガウガウッ…
Awoo... awoo... grawr... grr, grr...
[★5] Lyca ケモノの気配が
はやく 行こうぜ
The presence of beasts is growing stronger... let's move quickly.
[★4] Rebecca あれあれー? あのおうちから
Oh-ho? There's a wonderful smell from that cottage over there... do excuse meee!
[★5] Lyca アオーン! どこに行くんだ!?
だめだめ! おとどけものが
Awooo! Where're you going!? Stop that! Don't you have deliveries to make!?
[★5] Lyca オレとちがって ただの
注意しないと あぶないぞ
You're not like me - you're just a normal human, so you can't risk being so carefree!
[★4] Rebecca もう… うるさいなぁ
Ugh... shut uuup. Don't get in my way.
[★5] Lyca だいたい レベッカの足は
どうしてそんなに はやいんだ?
And this whole time, your feet - why do they move so quickly?
[★4] Rebecca それはね… おとどけものを
はやく とどけるためよ
Well, that's... all the better to get the delivery done quick.
[★5] Lyca じゃあ レベッカの目は
Then, your eyes - why do they have that glitter to them?
[★4] Rebecca それはね… おとどけものを
しっかり みまもるためよ
Well, that's... all the better to take good care of the delivery.
[★5] Lyca だったら レベッカのかごは
どうしてそんなに 大きいんだ?
If that's so, then your basket - why does it need to be so large?
[★4] Rebecca うふふ… それはね…
Ohoho... that's...
[★6] Rebecca あなたをおとどけするためよー!!

All the better to DELIVER YOU!! GRAAAWR!!
[★5] Lyca うわーーーっ!?
[★5] Lyca ふう ふう… まさか女の子が
Huff-- puff... I can't believe that girl was actually a wolf... my nose must've gotten dull.
[★5] Lyca 見てろ! 満月の夜に
But witness me now! Once more under the night of the full moon, bring it on!
[★6] Rebecca ふひひひひ! 待て待て!

Hoo-hee-hee-hee-hee! Wait up, wait up! Ahahahahahahahaaaa!
[★5] Lyca うわー! 逃げろー!!
Waaah! Run for it!