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[★6] Mao マオ
Recover/Single • Combin.: Girls/Flapping Wings/Spirits
Img509406 l.png
Image source: Specially drawn
MAX Lv. 99
Cost 24
HP 2462~3736
Attack 592~984
Recovery 1079~1432
[★5] Mao[★6] Mao
[★4] Purple Puyo Choco [★5] Purple Puyo Choco [★5] Purple Puyo Choco [★6] Purple Puyo Choco [★6] Purple Puyo Choco
Fuse [3200 + (Level - 1) × 250] EXP
Sell [10000 + (Level - 1) × 1000] coins
Leader Skill Purple Benevolence Lv. 3 (紫の慈愛 Lv.3)
Effect: For every purple card from the second in starting member, multiplier of purple recovery increases by 0.3×
Skill Cupido Odore Lv. 3 (クピド・オドレ Lv.3)
Activation: Clear Purple Puyo40
Effect: Transforms all Yellow PuyoPurple Puyo and Blue Puyo6 → Heart Box
Battle Skill ???
Special Skill ???
Flavor Text
Desc. 「人を恋に誘うチカラがあるという精霊の一族。冷静なアドバイスと、特製のパフュームでたくさんの人の背中を後押ししてきたらしい。」
A member of a spirit family with the power to instill love. With serene advice and her special perfume, it seems she has pushed many forward.
Line 「いつ恋に落ちてもいいようにつねに自分をみがいておくことね」
"So that you can fall in love any time, always prepare by refining yourself."
Line 「キミにはほんの少し、勇気が必要みたいだね あたしの特製パフュームが手助けになるよ」
"It seems that you need just a little courage. My special perfume will be of use to you."
Line 「フフッ、わがままを言ってあたしを困らせるなんて…イケナイ子だ」
"Fufu, to trouble me by saying something willful... what a bad child."

[★4] Mao [★5] Mao [★6] Mao
Messenger of Love Series
Annie Silvie Odette Serena Mao