Banshee Trio

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Banshee Trio
Img502507 l.png
[★7] Banshee Trio in Puyo Puyo!! Quest
RomanizationTorio Za Banshii
Other NamesTrio the Banshee
Personal Info
Birthday11/26 (Merigu)
5/26 (Shosu)
3/26 (Emi)
Age108 (Merigu)
100 (Shosu)
98 (Emii)
Notable Appearances
First appearanceMadou Monogatari 1
Latest appearancePuyo Puyo!! Quest
Voice Actor(s)
JapaneseKikuko Inoue, Mariko Kouda, and Miki Ito (Puyo Puyo CD Tsu)
Puyo Puyo!! Quest information
[★3] Banshee Trio [★4] Banshee Trio [★5] Banshee Trio [★6] Banshee Trio [★7] Banshee Trio

The Banshee Trio is a group of three girls who appear young but are truly over 90 years old. They are always fought as a single unit.

Individual Personalities

  • Merigu (メリグ), the green-haired girl, is described as the leader.
  • Shosu (ショス), the red-haired girl, is described as a tomboy.
  • Emii (エミィ), the yellow-haired girl, is described as spoiled.


Madou Monogatari series

The Banshee Trio debuted as a random encounter in Madou Monogatari 123. They attack by shrieking. In the PC-98 version the trio's dresses are the same color as their hair and they have a more mature physique.

Puyo Puyo Tsu

The Banshee Trio resides on the first floor. Arle complains that three against one is unfair, but changes her mind after the Trio noisily protests.


Puyo Puyo

Madou Monogatari



Puyo Puyo!! Quest

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