Black Sig

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Black Sig
Black Sig
Black Sig, in Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary.
RomanizationKuroi Shigu
Notable Appearances
First appearancePuyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary
Latest appearancePuyo Puyo!! Quest
Voice Actor(s)
JapaneseYuriko Fuchizaki
Puyo Puyo!! Quest information
Black Sig

Black Sig (translated as Dark Sig in Puyo Puyo Champions) is an alternate costume for Sig.


Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary

Black Sig can be bought at Popoi's shop for 2424 points. He has the same dropset and power as Sig, but has different animations and voice clips.

Puyo Puyo!! Quest

For this character's stats in Puyo Puyo!! Quest, see PPQ:Black Sig.

Black Sig is available as a blue and red card in Puyo Puyo!! Quest and was added to the game on January 30, 2016. He is in same series with Red Amitie, Yellow Satan, White Feli and Unusual Ecolo.



Black Sig's concept art.

Black Sig looked vastly different from his design in Puyo Puyo 20th in the past. On June 21, 2014, a post by ninomiy on twitter surfaced, showing an image of supposedly concept art of Black Sig that was drawn between the development of Puyo Puyo Fever 2 and 15th Anniversary.[1] It was unknown whether the image of this post was real or just fan art, but the post has been translated and proves that it is legitimate:

"When I was moving my futon in and out I found this in a very old clear folder. I think I doodled this between Chu~15th but I had almost forgotten I made something like this by the production phase of the different form for 20th Sig. (to begin with, during the design phase the one who chose black out of the color variations was them)"[2]

According to the tweet, the person who posted this tweet has worked in developing designs for Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary at some point, and has specifically worked on the design of Black Sig.

The concept art shows that Black Sig would appear completely black and wear a talisman, which would have made him resemble Strange Klug more.

Character specific mechanics


Pieces Total
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Dropset 2.png Dropset 3.png Dropset B.png Dropset 4.png Puyo
Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset L.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 4.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset J.png Dropset 2.png Dropset B.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 2.png Dropset 4.png 11 2 1 2 40


Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary