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Personal Info
BirthdayJanuary 8

Name's Blade. I work almost exclusively on PPQ namespace pages. I mainly translate Puyo Quest cards and manzai, but I also enjoy archiving and formatting content. I'm not fluent in Japanese and still have a lot to learn, so edits and feedback are very appreciated.

My Additional Pages
Sandbox : Translation Workshop, To-do List, and Self Indulgence
Arcade Archive : Collection of Quest Arcade Related Content
Intrudes Archive : Exclusive Dialogue within Intrusion Quests


My Translation Work

[★7] Lagash Series Translations
Hell Prince Series
Isin Lagash Eridu Uruk Megiddo
Halloween Hell Prince Series
Isin ver. HW Lagash ver. HW Eridu ver. HW Uruk ver. HW Megiddo ver. HW
Pearly Hell Prince Series
Pearly Hell Prince Isin Pearly Hell Prince Lagash Pearly Hell Prince Eridu Pearly Hell Prince Uruk Pearly Hell Prince Megiddo
Devil Rock Series
Stornum Costa Vartebra Peruvis
Beast Girls Series
Monica Vivienne Remy Una Neura
Wonderland Series
Heartia Card Soldier White Rabbit Alicia Grinning Cat
Cryptid Princess Series
Phoeny Grifo Unica Kerbey
Cake Series
Strawberrina Applepaina Montblana Fruitina Chocolana
Osechi Girls Series
Emina Mahoko Komaki Tamaki Kuroe
Kigurumi Series
Wangurumi Pengurumi Kumagurumi Usagurumi Nyangurumi
Pirate King Series
Fred Yang Carrie Bahar Gilbert
Legendary Sacred Animal Series
Setoka Horua Sebes Bastia Anudis
Ram Butler Series
Timwool Petiwool Frauwool Krimwool
Cat Girls Series
Nia Chiffon Liz Kish Sharl
Spectral Knight Series
Zoltan Garmr Georg Lumir Perrault
Tropical Merfolk Series
Arsil Fwarl Rein Ruka Pulco
Patissier Series
Leit Ryme Marcus Caren Sucre
Fruits Girls Series
Momo Berri Melone Gina Greco
Tropical Birdman Series
Pamutih Suri Yogi Lolo Yando
Condiment Series
Mio Chelsea Paula Jean Lyrica
Kunoichi Series
Kaede Asagao Wakaba Yamabuki Sumire
Tinplate Band Series
Clemens Fritz Josef Balthasar Dietrich
Xiannu Series
Meili Fei Lin Yue Xianghua
Vegetable Kingdom Series
Salzazo Krust Gasper Potalier Miras
Nursery Tale Series
Collodé Perraulsa Sesily Dukis
Snow Kingdom Series
Krianna Maia Ruda
Herbal Oil Series
Tsubaki Matsuno Olio An Conatsu
Jewel Daemon Series
Dyne Türkis Perin Zirrin Opalus
Sweets Kingdom Series
Pafair Liorto Marlle Puttin Miatisu
Extreme Culinarian Series
Dongdae Kate Sieben Sanira Bacco
Order of the Costumeheads Series
Aidan Barty Komaleo Samuel
Flower Nobility Series
Renka Ros'enna Edeliss Phalde
Valkyria Series
Hjorm Skeld Fjora Riful Rölul
General Magic Shoppe Series
Coron Caron Adia Layla Lingxin
The Mouseketeers Series
Merlet Rick Noelia
Seasonal Cryptid Princess Series
Halloween Phoeny Christmas Drana Otsukimi Grifo Summer Festival Kerbey
Holy Messenger of Love Series
Annie ver. Holy Night Silvie ver. Holy Night Odette ver. Holy Night Serena ver. Holy Night
Beverage Fairy Series
Darjeelia Cizer Suije Colton
White Chess Kingdom Series
Malika Bauer Faith
Chatter Hatter Series
Clifford Ashley Sharon Tabitha Nate
Elemental Daemon Series
Titus Jotom Albia Daigara
Bookshelf Fairy Series
Ragnhild Fanne Josefin
Pumpkin Kingdom Series
Salzazo ver. HW Krust ver. HW Gasper ver. HW Potalier ver. HW Miras ver. HW
Ninya Valley Series
Shinobu Sukomaru Matazou Toranosuke Miko
Magical Cat Girls Series
Magical Nia Magical Chiffon Magical Liz Magical Kish
Hatsune Miku Collab Series
Maguro ver. KAITO Feli ver. Hatsune Miku Grace ver. Megurine Luka
[★7] Cusun Other Translations
(Less than 3 Characters) Series Translations
Gorgon Sufu of the Water Gate Shimu of the Forest Gate Lux Minoa Deena Claude Salome
Nanao Rasetsu Greta Sonia Ryan Batty Rukbat Grania
Vita Henriette Batty ver. Courage Test Lucian Agathe Carol Tougen Calier
Roi Laun Uldoradd Angelic Healer Floré Angelic Healer Lisette
One-Off Alt Translations
Year of the Rabbit Friede Santa Claude Disguised Claude Alluring Lilim Moonlight Lyca Layerful Julia Collected Hannah Wing-spreading Minoa
Bibliogirl Laun Pure Benevolence Irene Heart-Racing Xianghua Cat Pirate Kings Carrie & Queenia Christmash Salome Made Guide Greap Steam City Minotauros Aptitudinal Demiserf
Horned Recruiter Iyo Romance Hunter Rulue Manager Draco Martial Ball Rulue Happy Diner Rozema Shiftdrift Meili Rowdy Ritual Kodomo Dragon Atari ver. Cure Black
Royal Bawl Salome Kunoichi Princess Kaede
Partial Rarity Translations
[★7] Demiserf [★7] Draude III [★7] Margin [★7] Lyca [★7] Ingil [★7] Lovestruck Rulue [★7] Spica [★7] Johann
[★7] Sans [★7] Blue Incubus [★7] Valentines Prezzie [★7] Uncanny Yue [★7] Bloodmoon Draude III
Materials Translations
[★4] Purple Cryptid Rune [★5] Purple Cryptid Necklace [★6] Purple Cryptid Perfume [★5] Letter of Prenotice [★6] Silk Hat (Blue) [★5] Peruvis' Cupcake [★6] Peruvis' Chocolate (Purple) [★5] Phoeny's Donuts
[★6] Phoeny's Pumpkin [★5] White Chess Pieces [★6] Queen Chess Piece [★6] Tiara of Tactics [★5] Kerbey's Wata-ame [★6] Kerbey's Ringo-ame [★5] Drana's Cookie [★6] Drana's Snowman
[★6] Proof of Wingspread [★5] Grifo's Dango [★6] Grifo's Tsukimi Dango [★5] Black Chess Pieces [★6] King Chess Piece [★6] Crown of Tactics [★6] Romanticist's Hat [★6] Diner Shoes
[★6] Meloro's Chef Hat [★6] Ushiwakamaru
Voice Transcripts Translations
Img113207.png Img513207.png Img312607.png Img413207.png Img112607.png Img416507.png
Special Training Translations
Img300607.png Img301007.png Img101807.png Img102407.png Img202407.png Img102607.png Img302607.png Img302807.png
Img402807.png Img502907.png Img503307.png Img503507.png Img103707.png Img203707.png Img403707.png Img503707.png
Img105107.png Img205107.png Img305107.png Img405107.png Img505107.png Img405507.png Img105807.png Img205807.png
Img505807.png Img105907.png Img305907.png Img505907.png Img207007.png Img307007.png Img507007.png Img107307.png
Img207307.png Img307307.png Img407307.png Img507307.png Img107507.png Img307507.png Img407507.png Img507507.png
Img109407.png Img209407.png Img309407.png Img409407.png Img509407.png Img309607.png Img409607.png
Event / Taster Manzai Translations
Img237407.png Img235107.png Img422507.png Img222607.png Img417207.png Img517207.png Img417607.png

Hell Prince Quotes

[★7] Pearly Hell Prince Uruk Investigate! White Day

The Hell Princes have arrived on Pwurp Island to investigate a certain culture which can only be found in the Human World. According to Uruk, all he knows is that "it is exclusive to the Human World", it is truly a culture shrouded in mystery.
Is it a ritual? A holiday? Or maybe a custom of some sort...? A culture where all is unknown...its name is "White Day"!
Halloween Hell Prince Series Hell Prince's Halloween

[★7] Bestoll Bestoll's Challenge

Hell Prince Series Miscellaneous Quotes