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Puyo Puyo Tetris
Puyo Puyo Tetris Switch US Box Art.jpg
American Box Art (Nintendo Switch)
DeveloperSonic Team
PublisherSega (JP/NA)
Deep Silver (EU/AU/NZ)
RightsholderTetris Holding (Tetris)
PlatformNintendo 3DS, Wii U, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows
Players1-4 players
Release dateNintendo 3DS,
Wii U,
PlayStation Vita, &
PlayStation 3
Japan February 6th, 2014

PlayStation 4

Japan December 4th, 2014
United States April 25th, 2017
Europe April 28th, 2017
Taiwan February 9th, 2017
South Korea February 9th, 2017

Xbox One

Japan December 4th, 2014

Nintendo Switch

Japan March 3rd, 2017
United States April 25th, 2017
Europe April 28th, 2017
Taiwan December 1st, 2017
South Korea December 1st, 2017


(WW) February 27, 2018

Puyo Puyo Tetris (ぷよぷよテトリス, Puyopuyo tetorisu) is a Puyo Puyo game that is a crossover between Puyo Puyo and Tetris. It is also the first game since Puyo Puyo Fever to be released in the Americas and Europe.

A sequel titled Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 was released on December 8, 2020.


Note that the "Puyo Puyo"/"Tetris" columns here describe which option is hovered by default when selecting a character in non-Swap/Fusion rules on Solo, Multiplayer and Online menus, not the universes in Adventure Mode.

Puyo Puyo:


The following characters appear in adventure mode but are non-playable characters:


The main story follows the characters being affected with a series of events that foreshadow the merging worlds of both Puyo Puyo and Tetris. Similar to Puyo Puyo 7, the story is divided into seven acts, with ten playable episodes. These episodes consist of different game modes, which may be played with or without an opponent. However, playable characters are locked, meaning the player can only use the character relevant to that part of the story, including characters that have not yet unlocked. There are three bonus acts, which were available as paid DLC in the original release, but are included in the PS4/Xbox One/Switch/PC versions for free.


The story opens with Ringo at Suzuran Junior High, commenting on the peacefulness she is experiencing right know. She then dismisses the thought and starts to imagine her friends "bursting out of the sky." Right after, Amitie and Arle get warped to Suzuran Junior High and the three converse for a while. They talk about the warping properties of Puyo, and Amitie says that as long as they're together, anywhere they end up will be fun, to which Ringo counters with the possibility of ending up at the edge of the universe. (Amitie and Arle are still all for that.) However, their talk is cut short when Tetriminos began falling from the sky, catching them by surprise. The trio suddenly gets warped to different places inside Starship Tetra. Tee, while sending reports via O, hears Ringo from the play room.

Act 1: A Fateful Meeting

Ringo lands in one of the Starship Tetra's rooms, much to her shock. There she meets Tee, who battles her by using Tetris instead of Puyo Puyo. Tee wins, and following prompts of Ringo’s curiosity, explains that they are called Tetriminos. Ringo enlists Tee’s help in finding Amitie and Arle, believing that there is a chance that they are also on the ship.

Ringo and Tee first find Amitie, who is being yelled at by Ess. Amitie mistakenly assumes Tee to be an enemy, leading to a Tetris-Puyo battle. Tee wins, and Amitie is calmed down, joining in on the search for Arle.

The trio next find Ai, accompanied by Jay & Elle. The duo claim that it was Arle & Carbuncle that frightened him. The question of what frightened him is put aside, as it becomes clear that Ai needs to be returned to normal. Tee brings him back to his normal state through a Tetris vs Tetris match. Ai thanks the captain, and points them in the right direction. Ai’s change from ‘whimpering puppy’ to ‘mature, sophisticated engineer’ also surprises Ringo.

Ringo, Tee and Amitie soon find Arle. Unfortunately, Zed has found her first, and his ‘father mode’ has panicked her further! Her panicked state causes a Tetris-Puyo match between her and Tee, upon the captain’s arrival. Like Amitie, she is surprised by the Tetris usage, rather than Puyo Puyo.

Everyone is accounted for, but things quickly take a turn for the worse, as Puyos find their way into the ship, and start taking over the controls. The gang of Ringo, Amitie, Arle, Carbuncle, Tee, Ess, and O, attempt to clear out enough Puyos to regain control of the Tetra, before the gravitational pull of a nearby planet, forces a crash landing.


Mission Name World Player Opponent Ruleset 1★ 2★ 3★ Notes
1-1 Duel in a New Dimension Spaceship Tetra Tee PPT2 Tet.png Ringo PPT2 Puyo.png Versus (Score) Defeat opponent 4,500 5,000
1-2 Puzzle Trial Spaceship Tetra Tee PPT2 Tet.png Sprint Trial (2m) 2:00 1:30 1:00
1-3 The Girl in the Puyo Hat Spaceship Tetra Tee PPT2 Tet.png Amitie PPT2 Puyo.png Versus (Time) Defeat opponent 3:00 2:00
1-4 Puzzle Trial Spaceship Tetra Tee PPT2 Tet.png Ultra Trial (1m 30s) 1,500 2,500 3,500
1-5 A Cowering Canine Spaceship Tetra Tee PPT2 Tet.png Ai PPT2 Tet.png Versus (Time) Defeat opponent 3:00 2:30
1-6 Puzzle Trial Spaceship Tetra Tee PPT2 Tet.png Marathon Trial (10 lines) 3,000 4,000 5,000
1-7 Tomboy in Trouble Spaceship Tetra Tee PPT2 Tet.png Arle & Carbuncle PPT2 Puyo.png Versus (Time) Defeat opponent 3:00 2:30
1-8 Puyo-Palooza! Spaceship Tetra Tee PPT2 Puyo.png Ringo PPT2 Puyo.png Versus (Score) Defeat opponent 3,000 4,000
1-9 Say Hello to Ess Spaceship Tetra Ess PPT2 Puyo.png Amitie PPT2 Puyo.png Versus (Time) Defeat opponent 2:30 2:00
1-10 Mascot Mashup Spaceship Tetra O PPT2 Puyo.png Arle & Carbuncle PPT2 Puyo.png Versus (Score) Defeat opponent 3,500 4,000

Act 2: Save the Crew

Despite everyone’s best efforts in Act 1 to avoid it, Tee has been forced to crash land the SS Tetra. As luck would have it, the ship lands on the rooftop of Suzuran High, which so happens to be Ringo’s school. Ringo, Arle, and Amitie, quickly find each other, and Maguro finds Ringo, filling them in on the presence of the Tetra, on the roof of the school. The trio quickly find Tee, and Tee, in need of a calmer mindset, to start locating his “very missing” ship crew, teaches her to do Tetris (per her asking for the opportunity in Chapter 1)

Ringo and Tee go out in search of Tee’s crew, and soon stumble upon Risukuma, who points the duo in the direction of Ai and Zed. With Risukuma in tow (as he wants to see how things play out), the trio find Ai and Zed, the latter currently attempting to calm down the former, who has (once again), gone into ‘panicked chihuahua’ mode, due to the presence of an unknown world. Tee tasks Ringo with calming him down, which she does so using a Puyo-Tetris battle. Upon his defeat, Ai, now back to normal, expresses his gratitude to Ringo. Zed chips in with information on the whereabouts of Jay & Elle, leading Ringo, Tee, and Maguro, to give chase. Ai, Zed, and Risukuma, stay behind at the Tetra. Ai claiming “this is a proper task for an engineer, after all.”

The troublesome duo are found at the Suzuran Shopping District, in awe at how many people are present. Their attempts to cause ‘mischief’, are quickly halted by a Puyo-Tetris match from Ringo. When queried about their decision to “run off” from the SS Tetra, they claim to have been led there. One twin claims someone with ‘a girl with pink, curly hair’ led them there, and the other claims someone with ‘a lady with blue, wavy hair’ led him there. Ringo recognizes the descriptions to an extent, but puts it aside when the twins point the trio in the direction of Ess. Ringo tasks Maguro with getting the troublesome duo back to the SS Tetra, their objections short lived when Ringo threatens to “give them something to complain about”.

Ess is found in another part of the town, her childlike nature in full show from the get-go, in tears, and complaining about her situation, and threatening Tee once he arrives. Ringo and Tee arrive during her upset, the captain just as surprised as Ringo, to see Ess in such a state. Tee calms Ess down with “Some squishy Puyos” in the form of a Puyo-Tetris match, returning her to normal. A query on how she wound up there, leads to her mentioning A girl with crooked sticks, another familiar description to Ringo. The duo lead the intergalactic brat back to the Tetra.

All of the SS Tetra Crew are now safe, and accounted for, back at the crash site of the Tetra. All existing members of ongoing events, have met, introduced, and done their part. Risukuma has waded in on assisting Ai in repairing the Tetra. The squirrel-bear explains to Tee and Ringo, that the SS Tetra requires “some special parts” to return it to maximum capability, and that, until those parts are acquired from up in space, the Tetra’s “flight abilities are severely limited”.

The crew are about to start on recovering these parts, when an entrance is made by Feli, Raffina and Rulue. This trio are being affected by something (which later is learned to be the merge of the Puyo and Tetris worlds), and start Swap battle attacks on Ringo, Amitie, and Arle. The latter manage to beat back the former, Feli, Raffina and Rulue swearing to “return”. Amitie is distraught at Raffina’s behavior, believing her to be “incapable of causing mischief”. Concerns for the trio, are placed aside, as plans are put in place, to recover the parts required to finalize repairs on the SS Tetra.


Mission Name World Player Opponent Ruleset 1★ 2★ 3★ Notes
2-1 Tetra in Trouble Suzuran City Ringo PPT2 Tet.png Tee PPT2 Tet.png Versus (Time) Defeat opponent 3:00 2:30
2-2 Placating the Pooch Suzuran City Ringo PPT2 Puyo.png Ai PPT2 Tet.png Versus (Time) Defeat opponent 3:00 2:30
2-3 The Terrible Twins Suzuran City Ringo PPT2 Puyo.png Jay & Elle PPT2 Tet.png Versus (Score) Defeat opponent 8,000 10,000
2-4 Puzzle Trial Suzuran City Ringo PPT2 Puyo.png Endless Trial (1m 30s) 5,000 10,000 15,000
2-5 Puzzle Trial Suzuran City Ringo PPT2 Puyo.png Fever Trial (Lv.8) 10,000 35,000 60,000
2-6 Scared n' Spoiled Suzuran City Tee PPT2 Puyo.png Ess PPT2 Tet.png Versus (Time) Defeat opponent 3:00 2:30
2-7 Puzzle Trial Suzuran City Tee PPT2 Puyo.png Tiny Trial (2m) Lv.10 Lv.12 Lv.14
2-8 Friends Gone Wild? Suzuran City Amitie Raffina (Alt. Voice) Swap (Score) Defeat opponent 7,500 10,000
2-9 Enter the Goth Girl Suzuran City Ringo Feli (Alt. Voice) Swap (Time) Defeat opponent 3:00 2:30
2-10 The Fighting Queen Suzuran City Arle & Carbuncle Rulue (Alt. Voice) Swap (Score) Defeat opponent 10,000 15,000

Act 3: Find the Parts

Tee and company board the Tetra in pairs and head into space. They follow the instructions written on a paper in order to get the required parts to fully fix it. After all the parts are obtained and the ship is fixed, Amitie hears a voice and recognizes it to be Lemres', who traveled to Ringo's world to seek help regarding some peculiar events that are happening to Primp Town.


Mission Name World Player Opponent Ruleset 1★ 2★ 3★ Notes
3-1 A Royal Challenge Constellation Zone Tee PPT2 Tet.png Ringo PPT2 Tet.png Big Bang (Time) Defeat opponent 4:00 3:00
3-2 Puzzle Trial Constellation Zone Tee PPT2 Tet.png Ultra Trial (45s) 1,500 2,500 3,500
3-3 Puzzle Trial Constellation Zone Ringo PPT2 Puyo.png Fever Trial (Lv.15) 70,000 160,000 250,000
3-4 A Fashionable Fight Constellation Zone Amitie PPT2 Puyo.png Ess PPT2 Puyo.png Big Bang (Score) Defeat opponent 45,000 60,000
3-5 Puzzle Trial Constellation Zone Amitie PPT2 Tet.png Sprint Trial (2m) 2:00 1:45 1:30
3-6 Puzzle Trial Constellation Zone Ess PPT2 Puyo.png Tiny Trial (1m) Lv.18 Lv.20 Lv.22
3-7 A Sidekick Skirmish Constellation Zone Arle & Carbuncle PPT2 Puyo.png O PPT2 Tet.png Big Bang (Score) Defeat opponent 50,000 55,000
3-8 Puzzle Trial Constellation Zone Arle & Carbuncle PPT2 Puyo.png Endless Trial (1m) 10,000 20,000 30,000
3-9 S.O.S. from Primp! Constellation Zone Tee PPT2 Tet.png Marathon Trial (20 lines) 10,000 11,000 12,000
3-10 The Warlock Gives It a Whirl Constellation Zone Lemres PPT2 Tet.png Tee PPT2 Tet.png Versus (Time) Defeat opponent 2:30 2:00

Act 4: Primp Town Mayhem

Upon returning to Primp Town with Lemres, the group learns that it is filled with Tetriminos. Satan shows up, claiming to have knowledge on what is going on, revealing that the way to return Rulue, Feli, and Raffina to normal is to beat them in a Puyo match. Of course, Arle immediately blames him for the trouble, and beats him in a Puyo match, causing him to run off, sobbing. As she chases him down, the group starts looking for the mind-controlled girls. Klug and Sig help them return Feli and Raffina, respectively, back to normal. Meanwhile, Arle enlists Schezo's help, and he reveals that Satan isn't behind it at all before the two return Rulue to normal (pretty easily). Finally, Tee and Ringo confront Satan, who believes Tee has turned Arle against him, and battles him. After Arle clears up the misunderstanding, Satan reveals that the culprit is someone who can travel between dimensions, and lives in space.


Act 5: A Space Chase

Ringo, Tee, and company head into space, believing the culprit to be Ecolo. He ends up found in the Constellation Zone, and the gang chases him down, leading them to Suketoudara, Draco, and Witch, who aren't exactly sure how they got there. After being caught, Ecolo tells the group he isn't behind it, but that the one who is lives at the very edge of space-time itself, calling back to Ringo's idea that they could end up at the edge of the universe. He also tells them they don't have enough skill to face this mystery person, and leaves.


Act 6: Our Memories

The group returns to Primp Town, where Ms. Accord tells them she has made a training ground where the heroes can face off against their own memories in order to get stronger. Arle battles Schezo, Amitie battles Sig, Ringo battles Maguro, Ess battles Zed, Tee battles O, and vice versa. However, before O's battle with Tee, Ex reveals himself, saying he'll see the group soon enough.


Act 7: The Edge of Forever

The gang, now stronger, heads for the edge of space-time, where Ex explains everything as a barrage of Puyos and Tetriminoes falls from the sky at once, setting the stage for Fusion battles. Ex had been very lonely as the keeper of dimensions, and after seeing a small crack form in the border between them, he just let things play out, knowing someone would find him. Tee decides to take over as keeper, but Ringo battles him and stops him. Soon, Satan and Ecolo appear, and use their power to create a wormhole in the SS Tetra, so the crew can visit Ex whenever they want, although as he seals the two worlds again, Ringo's friends are forced to say goodbye to the Tetra's crew.


Act 8: A Suzuran Dream

Ringo has a dream where she holds a talent show in Suzuran Town to try to drum up business for her family's produce stand.


Act 9: A Primp Dream

Schezo has a dream where he learns of the massive amount of power contained in Sig's left hand, and starts tracking him down in an innuendo-filled quest for power.


Act 10: A Interstellar Dream

Ex has a dream where he's back on the Tetra. He decides to make the most of it by seeing his old friends again, including Ess, his daughter.



  • The story mode, named Adventure Mode, is a master storyline spanning 7 chapters (acts) each with 10 stages. Each stage is either a battle with a CPU player or a single player challenge. An additional 3 bonus chapters can be bought as DLC (included in the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions), playing through the mode unlocking additional alternative voice clips, backgrounds, and Puyo and Tetris skins.
  • A "Puzzle League" tab contains other game modes such as Endless Fever, Tiny Puyo, Marathon, Sprint, and others.



The basic battle rule. Each player can choose either Puyo Puyo (using Tsu rules) or Tetris (using modern gameplay mechanics). A match can start even with players choosing different modes. If a Tetris player has at least one Puyo opponent, all Tetris attacks get stored in an Attack Gauge and only sent when a Tetrimino does not clear a line.
Each player swaps between Puyo Puyo and Tetris gameplay every twenty-five seconds. The game does not wait for the current piece to finish dropping before swapping, and the current piece will continue to drop (without player control) after the swap. Clears started before the change can combo with furthers clear in the current field, creating extra damage. This is called a "Swap Combo."
Big Bang
Similar to Versus, except the Puyo Puyo player is in Fever mode and the Tetris player has "Lucky Attack."
After each round of Fever/Lucky Attack, the nuisance created will be sucked into black holes and explode in the namesake revelation. Those who created less nuisance will have nuisance crashing the field. A player is eliminated when his/her field is completely shattered, and the last person standing is the winner.
The players compete for score and can use items in battle. Items can be a personal buff or a debuff sent to other players.
In an 8x16 board, both Puyos and Tetriminos fall following character-specific dropsets. Tetriminos can crush stacks of Puyo and only color Puyos reappear later from the top. Similar to the Active rule in Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary, the next pieces can be dropped even when a chain is in progress of clearing, or when a Tetrimino is left to slowly crush Puyo.
The dropset consists of eight Puyo drops (post-Fever), two Tetriminos and one special drop, which can be a piece that switches repeatedly between Puyos and a Tetrimino, or a golden 1-to-2-block Tetris piece.

Single Player Endless

Endless Puyo
A Puyo mode where the player can practice by themselves, getting more points will increase the level, which makes the fall speed faster.
Endless Fever
Clear preset Puyo chains to try and keep the timer from reducing to 0. All clear chains add extra time.
Tiny Puyo
You are given a much smaller Puyo board. The objective is the same as Endless Puyo. This mode uses dropsets.
A Tetris mode where the player must get a high score within 150 lines. For every 10 lines cleared, the level increases and the falling speed will become faster.


Mini T-Spin - 100 Single - 100 Mini T-Spin Single - 200 Double - 300 T-Spin - 400 Triple - 500 Tetris Line Clear - 800 T-Spin Single - 800 T-Spin Double - 1,200 T-Spin Triple - 1,800

Back To Back multiplies Novelty Line Clears by 1.5

Back To Back Mini T-Spin Single - 200*1.5= 300 Back To Back T-Spin Single - 800*1.5=1,200 Back To Back Tetris - 800*1.5= 1,200 Back To Back T-Spin Double - 1,200*1.5=1,800 Back To Back T-Spin Triple - 1,600*1.5=2,400 (Multiply each Point Value by the level number.)

Combo Scoring (Line Clear+(50[after the first]*combo)*level.

Clear 40 lines in the fastest time possible.
Get the highest score possible within 3 minutes.

Single Player Challenge

These challenge rules are exclusive to Adventure Mode.

Endless Trial (Puyo)
Get a certain score within a time limit.
Fever Trial
Get a certain score before reaching a designated level, while clearing Fever patterns.
Challenge Tiny Puyo
Reach a certain level within a time limit, using tiny Puyos.
Marathon Trial
Get a certain score before clearing a designated number of lines.
Line Trial
Clear a certain number of lines within a time limit.
Ultra Trial
Get a certain score within a time limit.


Sega's History with Tetris

Sega's first Tetris title was created for the System 16 and System E arcade systems and released in December of 1988. It won the Japanese Gamest Award for Game of the Year the following year. A Mega Drive port was created and released in 1989, but it was recalled after Nintendo had received exclusive console rights from Elorg.

On August 30 and December 27, 1996, Natsume's and Jaleco's Tetris Plus as well as Bullet Proof Software's Tetris-S were released for the Sega Saturn in Japan. It was the first and second time a tetris game had been created for a Sega system in nearly seven years. Tetris Plus was later released in North America and Europe.

Bullet Proof Software also released a third Tetris title for a Sega system, Tetris 4D, for the Dreamcast in Japan on December 23, 1998.

Sega would not release a new Tetris title until November of 1999, when Sega Tetris hit Japanese arcades. A dreamcast port was developed by WOW Entertainment and released for the Dreamcast in Japan on November 23, 2000.

The last Tetris game created for a Sega console, The Next Tetris: On-line Edition, was developed by Bullet Proof Software and published by Crave. It was released for the Dreamcast in North America on December 20, 2000.

A company named "Success" created Tetris Kiwamemichi for Sega's Naomi hardware in 2004.

Sega and D3 Publisher (3D Ages) released a compilation of their Tetris games and variants, Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol. 28: Tetris Collection (SEGA AGES 2500シリーズ Vol.28 テトリスコレクション), on September 28, 2006 for the PlayStation 2. The compilation contained The System 16, System E, and Mega Drive versions of Sega's Tetris arcade game, the System 16 and prototype Mega Drive versions of Flash Point, the System 18, System 16, and System C versions of Bloxeed, as well as a new title - Tetris New Century.

Sega also released another arcade game, Tetris Dekatris (also known as Tetris Giant), in 2009 for their RingWide hardware.

Sega released a Mega Drive version of Tetris, developed and ported by M2, who previously worked with Sega on the Sega Vintage Collection (Sega Ages Online in Japan) line on PS3 and Xbox 360, the Sega 3D Classics line on the 3DS and Sega Ages on the Switch, as part of the Mega Drive Mini, 5 years after Puyo Puyo Tetris originally came out in Japan, on September 19, 2019 in North America, Japan and Asian territories and October 4, 2019 in Europe.


  • This is the first Puyo Puyo game to be released in high definition.
  • This is the first Puyo Puyo game along with the Tetris PlayStation game to have a PlayStation Trophies award.
  • Due to licensing restrictions, the PlayStation 4 version did not receive a digital PlayStation Network release until 2019. It was one of the very few (if not the only) PS4 games to be exclusively available as a physical disc during that time, barring games that were initially available but later delisted.
  • Recycled field backgrounds from Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary can be seen in the Tokyo Game Show trailer.
  • The new Tetris characters are named, very directly, from the Tetrimino that they're based on, with the exception being Ex, being named after the X Pentomino.
  • In the Japanese version, Spell 5 of the Tetris characters (except O) include their names in somewhere.
  • Several references to the 1988 SEGA arcade iteration of Tetris appears in this game, for example one of the backgrounds is based on the game while one of the music tracks is a remix of the game's main theme.
  • The six characters who show up as cameos - Ms. Accord, Donguri Gaeru, Ocean Prince, Onion Pixie, Lidelle, and Yu & Rei - 'donated' their dropsets and AI's to Tetris characters - Ex, Ai, Zed, O, Ess, and Jay & Elle respectively.
  • This is the first game not to have Carbuncle's theme (Area A, Puyo Puyo Tsu) in it at all since Puyo Puyo (1992), and the first to not have the standard version of it since Puyo Puyo~n.
  • Tee is the only Tetris character that shares a dropset with a playable character, being Ringo Ando.
  • In Puyo Puyo On Stage, the gameplay from this game is used during Puyo Battles.
  • This game would later be used as a base of an arcade styled Puyo Puyo mini game located at Club Sega in Yakuza 6: The Song of Life and Judgment (PS4 version).
    • However, in the western release version of Judgment, the character voice language is in Japanese, even if the character voice language is set to English. This is due to having the Yakuza series set in Japan.
      • Furthermore, the text language is in English, even if the text language is in either French, German, Italian or Spanish. This is because Puyo Puyo Tetris only supports Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese and Korean for the text language. Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, its sequel, supports Japanese, English (UK/US), Spanish (Spain/Latin America), French (Canada/France), German, Italian, Korean, Simplified Chinese (China/Singapore), and Traditional Chinese (Taiwan/Hong Kong).
  • In the PC version, character voices in the character select screen are in English, even if the voices are set to Japanese. This was later fixed in an update.
  • According to an interview with series producer Mizuki Hosoyamada, the original plan was for Puyo Puyo Tetris to release immediately after Puyo Puyo 7. However, unspecified issues caused Sega's plans to be pushed back, resulting in Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary separating the two releases.
  • Excluding Puyo Puyo Quest and Puyo Puyo Quest Arcade, Puyo Puyo Tetris is the most sold Sega-era Puyo game in the franchise. Part of the sales could be attributed to the game having a worldwide release.
Number of total game sales
Game Release Date (earliest) Sales (Copies Sold) Citation(s) Date of Citation(s)
Puyo Puyo 15th Anniversary December 14, 2006 649,869 Source May 1, 2013
Puyo Puyo 7 July 30, 2009 493,196 Source May 1, 2013
Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary July 14, 2011 325,832 Source May 1, 2013
Puyo Puyo!! Quest April 24, 2013 At least 26,000,000 Source February 28, 2022
Puyo Puyo!! Quest Arcade November 7, 2013 At least 1,500,000 Source July 11, 2016
Puyo Puyo Tetris February 6, 2014 Over 1,400,000 Source November 19, 2020
Puyo Puyo Chronicle December 8, 2016 No numerical estimate, but confirmed poor salesª Source July 22, 2021
Puyo Puyo eSports/Champions October 25, 2018
Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 December 8, 2020 500,000-600,000ᵇ Source July 22, 2021

Note: 400,000 is generally considered to be the minimum amount for a mass-market game to be considered "successful" in Japan.


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