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No articles about Ess and Jay & Elle?

I'm so annoyed that no one had made articles about Ess and Jay & Elle. Please do it now! PuyoRiderZ2014 (talk)

I thought the game was released in the US (and Canada)!

It's been about ~2 months since April 28 and I can't find it on either store. Aidan9030 (talk)

It was released digitally on eShop and physically for Nintendo Switch and digitally for PS4 on PSN. jchw (talk)

^It doesn't look like it was released digitally on PS4. That's a page for the disc. The PS Store shows no results.

Ah yep, I must've mixed it up, the PS4 release was physical only I guess. Either way, there's the releases. jchw (talk) 23:45, 7 July 2017 (UTC)