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Puyo Puyo~n RPG is a remake of the original Puyo Puyo~n made in RPG maker. The story itself is highly similar to the original, but it plays more like Madou Monogatari: Hanamaru Dai Youchienji and Madoh Monogatari. It also features custom-made mugshots and sprites of characters that are only from the Madou Monogatari series and more obscure Puyo games, making the story slightly altered with the addition of characters.


Like the original game, Arle has Carbuncle taken away from her by Masked Satan, Pierrot appears to Arle to tell her where to look. On her way, Arle encounters Minotauros and Rulue, who want to catch Carbuncle as well. After Rulue gets away with Carbuncle, Arle is forced to fight Minotaur. Upon defeat, she chases after Rulue to her mansion and proceeds to fight her until they both realize Carbuncle is gone yet again.

Later, the it turns out Gay is holding a contest which Draco Centauros wants to enter and compete for beauty. Arle ignores it for now, and searches in a dark woods, where she runs into Schezo Wegey, when he is beaten she finds a rose deep in the forest and gives it to Gay. Afterwards, she makes her way inside the Vampire's Castle where Count resides, on the way, Draco joins her party and they both fight Count. All three of them are angered by the fact Carbuncle was really just Jan in disguise.

Arle and Draco head for the waterfalls, where they see Seriri, who fights them out of fear. After that she joins the party as well, and all of them go back to attack Jan back in the mountains for being a nuisance. Once she is done with, they all go visit Witch, who tags along with them as they go to the Magical Tower. There they encounter Lagnus, who Witch doesn't take seriously and they end up fighting him as well. On the top of the tower, they find Satan who also has no clue about Carbuncle's whereabouts. After his defeat, Satan gives Arle a new set of armor before telling them what had happened before his performance at the beginning.

They all eventually run into Chico and Dragon who were residing in the canyon, they are both defeated and Chico flees. Eventually they meet with her grandmother, and they both apologize for the sudden attacks and Chico joins Arle as well. As they head into the ruins, they meet Schezo who has Carbuncle with him. Once he is done for good, Carbuncle is taken away yet again, by Pierrot, who reveals herself as Doppelganger Arle and proceeds to take off into the Dark Tower. Inside the depths unfortunately, is where Fudoushi was holding onto a key. He terrifies Arle and her party, before they destroy him as well.

When they all reach the top of the tower, Doppelganger Arle challenges them, who has Mamono and Dragon by her side. Arle and co. defeat the Doppelganger and her two cronies. Carbuncle reunites with Arle and the game ends.

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